Advertising Your Website Or Promoting Your Affiliate Scheme

Discover the one thing the Internet millionaires don't know about and you will have found the golden fleece of online marketing A brand new shining example of how to finally get your site seen and finally make some serious money from your products or affiliate scheme They said it couldn't be done, all the so called gurus assured me it was impossible, it wont work. Well, the proof is in the pudding so to speak, and the pudding is on it's way to a desk top near you. So, what is it, why is it so exciting and what does it mean to you. It's the search sub engine, it's a brand spanking new system that's going to take the Internet by storm and it's launch date is approaching rapidly. To you it means, a whole new way to get your site viewed online. The only way to reach the coveted #1 position, affordable and results driven marketing.

We've all been suckered in by the millionaire talk of the so called gurus, at least I have and on many occasions, hoping beyond hope that the latest and supposedly best yet program will be the one that finally helps me to at least get my site within the top 2 million search results on Google. Just like you, I have spent countless hours, not to mention a pot full of cash trying to make a half decent living online. All I get for my trouble is more and more e-mails promoting the latest big thing, only to spend my hard earned money on another useless load Of rubbish that promises to bring targeted traffic to my site allowing me to give up the daily grind, work two hours a day and relax on the beach or play golf, I don't even like golf, but that's beside the point. It may seem that I am just having a rant here, but I'm not.

The point I'm trying to get across is, that it doesn't matter how many programs you buy, how diligent you are in following the instructions or how many sleepless nights you have burning the midnight oil trying to promote your product. Because, it's all in vain and that's because you never, ever get all the information you need and you never will, at least not from The Gurus. There's a very good reason for that, simple when you think about it, if they gave, sorry, sold you everything you needed to succeed online then it stands to reason that you would no longer need them or the mostly useless programs they peddle so successfully. So, what is a search sub engine and more to the point what will it do for you. The search sub engine can best be described as a blend of Google, Ebay and Yell.

com. Its a system that will allow you to promote your site on a rotating basis very much like an auction site in that your listing will be online for a set number of days, and in a category that best suits your product or information. Your listing will count down like an auction gradually reaching the #1 position for your search category. For example, if you search for a particular product and then you carry out the same search ten minutes later the results will be completely different, this is because within that ten minutes, the first search results will have moved on and a complete new set of results will be showing. This gives everyone an equal opportunity to reach the #1 position for their chosen category. With the search sub engine, unlike a Search Engine, you don't have to rely on keywords or metatags.

You get a full page to promote your site, with a live link which will take the surfer directly to your homepage. Then it's all up to you and how effective your sales page is and how good your product is. No more drifting in the Google wilderness and no more useless programs or wasted money trying in vain to reach #1. What will it cost you to list your site. Well, this should surprise you. Each submission to the search sub engine will only cost you the grand sum Of zero, zilch, nada, nothing, and for that you get to list your site for either, 1, 3, 5, 7, 14 or 28 days, the choice is yours.

But not only that, you now get the chance to finally get your site seen. This is as an extra special launch offer you get your first 8 submissions completely free. So you can try it without having to part with any of your hard earned cash.

Now there's a refreshing change, something for nothing and without all the usual conditions.

Mike Collins formerly frustrated online marketer. Now a content online marketer. Be content with your marketing and research efforts. No, don't be just content, make a difference, make your efforts count, start by using a system that actually works visit my site


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