Affiliate Marketing Will Build Residual Income

You may have heard or been involved in a residual income business opportunity in one way or another. So do you really understand what "residual income" is? Residual income, also known recurring income, is income that is generated over and over for the one time effort that you have put in to create it. The conventional residual income that we always hear about comes in the form of being a movie star, writer or a singer. Not everyone of us is gifted enough to be an artist. Some have also ventured into real-estate. They rent out properties, land or apartments and collect rentals as a source of residual income.

This is a good way to go if you have the resources, but then not so many people can do that. The residual income opportunity that I am most interested and involved with is online affiliate marketing programs. It is because I don't need to go through the trouble of creating my own products and aslo no customer service to worry about.

I don't have to worry about getting a brick and mortar warehouse for my goods. But best of all, the start up cost is extremely low compared to an offline business. There are plenty of reputable and reliable companies that offer affiliate marketing programs with online residual income opportunities. The variety of products and services available are just amazing.

There are affiliate programs that offer membership sales and even more offer digital downloadable products as well as physical products. You can start generating multiple streams of residual income by promoting just a few of these products. You need to focus on promoting and selling items that you have an interest in.

Within the first 3 months of their business venture, statistics have shown that about 98% of online business owners give up on their businesses. Now, by being involved in an online business that is related to your interests, you will not get bored or de-motivated that easily when faced with obstacles along the way. As your business begins to grow and progress along the way, you can try several other promotions and expand your residual income. This is a way that you will see the benefits of generating multiple streams of residual income in your home based business. After you sell these products or services and as long as your customers continue with the purchase, you will get paid. You sell once and get paid continuously.

The more affiliate programs with residual income opportunity that you promote, the more profits you will generate. You just have to leveraged your time with your effort and this is an early retirement strategy you can bet on. So, generating multiple residual income streams with affiliate marketing programs is a very powerful concept. Your will need to find reputable companies that offer residual income opportunities which are legitimate and pay a healthy percentage of commissions. You need to also look for companies have been arounf for awhile and are reliable and prompt in paying out commissions.

You can also receive your residual income checks for years to come. Copyright (c) 2008 Jim Suzak.

The author is a professional internet marketer that uses several quality affiliate marketing programs and has achieved residual income success by utilizing this method. Check-out his website Residual Income Opportunities for more details and get your FREE tips and residual income opportunity newsletters so you can also realize your dreams. -->


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