Amazing Private Secrets To One MillionDollars Each Year Selling Information Products Online

Do you have an online business making you a comfortable income, but just couldn't figure out how when it comes to further MULTIPLYING your wealth, or to improve it to the next level? Well here's why: As common as this problem may seem, it's not that hard to deal with at all. You see, I was once in your shoes, and had to grow my information publishing Internet business to the income level—from $100,000. to $200,000.

$500,000 and eventually over ONE MILLION dollars in annual revenues today. My mentoring clients have often asked me how to take the next step to grow their business exponentially. And what I'm about to reveal, are my private secrets to growing your business at record speed. Basically there many, but I will unearth THREE basic secrets you can implement today. And the FIRST one, is giving FREE INFORMATION.

Now many people get this part wrong. Because too often, they just create an average or promotional free information product that carries no value and send them to their loyal prospects or customers! Just imagine for a moment—you are a prospect looking to solve a problem you have, but you're bombarded with tens, if not hundreds of promotional pitches a day through emails. What will be the last thing that you want? You see, people are ALWAYS busy. But here's a little secret to go with this: If you deliver VALUE to them in all your efforts, a memory, a STORY to them, they'll give you as much time as you want. So what should you do? My general rule of thumb is "give as much stuff away free as you can until your customers are sick of it." The reaction you want from your prospect is, "Shit, if the free stuff is THIS GOOD, the paid stuff must be awesome.

" SECOND, you'll have to understand PRODUCT ASCENSION. It's simple—the more products you have, the more profits you'll make. Here's the key though: They have to increase in VALUE, or created in a new CATEGORY.

This can take a whole book to teach, but some simple tips here: Imagine all the possible products out there, delivered in their different mediums. Whether it's a newsletter, membership site, physical product, a seminar, a continuity program. you can figure out ways to create more products based on your expertise—even though they're of the same topic, with a different TWIST of interesting, shocking, entertaining or "wow"ing factors. THIRD, your own PROFIT SYSTEM.

You've heard of this before, but I'll stick this in your head forever. Listen up—if you want to reach the million dollar annual revenue mark with your information product, you need to create more products (product ascension), and build each other into your BACKEND marketing strategy! Again, create more products and build them into your BACKEND. Done right, this can double, triple or multiply your wealth to heights you never expected! Think it's hard? Well, here's one additional secret I'll share with you. Before you think, START.

"Ready, Fire, Aim"—you don't have to aim for perfection. Besides, failing persistently would get you so much further than heading for perfection every time—you'd be stunned with your results one year looking back from now. Copyright (c) 2008 Quick Turn Marketing International, Ltd.

A former college dropout, Dan The Man Lok transformed himself from a grocery bagger in a local supermarket to a multi-millionaire. Dan came to North America with little knowledge of the English language and few contacts. Dan has released a time-sensitive, critical manuscript you need to read NOW titled - The Death of Information Marketing As We Know It:


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