Benefits Of Article Marketing Series Traffic To Your Website Is The Benefit

Traffic is the number one reason to do article marketing. When you submit articles to the top article directories you have an excellent chance of getting visitors back to your website. You have to look no further than any good article directory to see the real benefits traffic can give you from a top article directory.

You can go into your author's area and view very detailed statistics about each article. You can see how many times an article is viewed, how many times an ezine publisher pick them up, and even see how many times your URL in your resource box was clicked. The benefit to you as an article marketer is taking what you learn from these statistics to improve your article marketing efforts. Traffic is the number one benefit of doing article marketing, and that's really what you're striving for.

It is not something that's going to happen right away either! If you write two articles and only get one visitor to click on your URL you have not given yourself enough chances to succeed. Some of the top authors in any given article directory have written thousands of articles. They are giving themselves the best chances for traffic because their names and their articles continue to show up in a directory over and over. It only stands to reason that they are going to get more traffic clicks to their website URL then you are, just by playing the numbers. Search engine traffic is an added benefit. Look at some of the top results on Google for various keyword phrases as you surf the Internet.

Often times those are links that lead back to an article directory containing an article relating to that key word. The more articles you write the better chance you will have to rank high for various keywords with your articles in some of the top article directories. Keeping that in mind, you want to have as many unique articles in as many of the top article directories as possible. This gives you more chances to rank high, and it is possible to even dominate page 1 of Google with several of your different articles.

In summary the biggest benefit of article marketing is the traffic that come from the articles that you write and submit. Remember this will only happen when you build up a large backlog of articles for people to read and are consistent in your writing and submitting efforts and.

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