Best Ways To Get Traffic to Your Website for FREE

Quite often the best ways to get traffic to your website are the free ways. You can get some serious amounts of traffic for free or very little cost. The real power in generating your own traffic is in the fact that you are in complete control of it quite often allowing you to choose more accurately who to target therefore generating higher conversion rates.

People quite often overlook these methods and there are some real gems. Below I will outline the 5 best ways to get traffic to your website for FREE:- 1.People are spending more time watching video's online than doing anything else online.

Video marketing is huge it's not all about YouTube although obviously YouTube by itself is massive but there are also loads of site that you can upload your videos to including Google, Myspace, Yahoo, MSN and AOL. It is not that hard to do and you can download some screen capture software for free. Although if you wish to get serious about Video marketing then some investment in software will improve the look and feel of your videos.

2.Searh Engine Optimisation (SEO)' I know its obvious but it's probably the best way of getting more traffic for your website. The three most important things to consider are:- 2.1.Choice of keywords - Most people choose keywords that there is too much competition for and do not give themselves a chance of getting to the top of the rankings.

2.2.Content - You need to have loads of relevant content that you update frequently to make sure that the search engines see your site as a current one. 2.3.Links - Not the quantity but the quality.

You need one way links that are relevant and from other sites with high rankings for similar keywords. The best way to look at SEO is to try and look at it from the search engines point of view. When somebody does a search they want the best results to be displayed (if a load of irrelevant sites with no real content ie spam sites are listed then its not a very good search engine) 3.Articles and Press Releases just like the one that you are reading here are great for generating free traffic for several reasons:- 3.1.You will get high quality one way links from the article directories that you submit to right back to your site.

So they are great for SEO. Imaging if you write 2 articles per week and get them published on 10 sites you will be adding roughly 80 high quality one way links to your site per month or just under a 1,000 in a year. 3.2.

If you do some keyword research then your articles will very likely get good rankings in the search engines and be found that way. 3.3.People just browsing the article directories find your article and read it. 3.

4.The best thing that can happen is an Ezine or magazine can choose to publish your article including the resource box with the link back to your website in it. Some magazines and Ezines have hugh readerships and your article can go out to the whole list generating massive traffic for FREE.

4.Harnessing the power of web2.0. Write a review or a short description about a page on your website that you wish to promote and then submit the review to the social sites.

There are loads of the including, Digg, Furl, Stumble Upon, Reddit and Propeller to name a few. Using this method you again generate those one way links from high ranking sites so its great for SEO and people can find the link when browsing these social sites and click through on the link to have a look for themselves. The more interesting and intriguing your review is the more people will click through on your Link. 5.

These are excellent ways to tap into highly targeted groups of people. You can also learn so much from other people in these groups or forums. Just go out and find a group or forum and start participating in the conversations and answering questions. You will have a signature file attached to each post that you make and this is where you have your link back to your site.

Again building those one-way links and if you write a good signature file that is interesting people will click on those links. With this type of marketing it is best only to give responses if you know the Answer rather than just to get your link up there. It is easy to loose credibility and be seen as a spamer if you are not careful. The most important thing to do now you have some knowledge is to Take Action without it you will not get any Free Traffic.

It's best to focus on one way of getting traffic and get good at that before moveing on to the next. So good luck and above all enjoy what you are doing.

Mike Goodchild has been Making Money Online for 7 Years and is the author of a 10 Day FREE Email course about how to generate Traffic to your Website for Free or very little cost.


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