Can You Find an Ebook Marketing Niche

I truly believe in the fact that there is a market for just about everything. This does not mean that every person in the world is going to want what you are trying to sell, no matter how pretty it is packaged, but there is someone out there that will buy it. Case in point, have you ever really looked at eBay and examined what is for sale on there? This is true for your eBook as well. To start, there are some people that are collectors and they just browse the internet and buy eBooks, for no other reason then to just have them. I am sure that they read them and gather some information out of them and then move on to the next one. However, there are also people that are looking for specific eBooks due to interests that they have, to further their education on a particular subject.

Chances are greater then not those people are looking for an eBook on a subject that you could be consider and "expert" on. The key to getting your eBook to those people that are looking for your eBook is the trick. There is a fairly simple way to find them though.

I am going to assume that you can write and write well enough to convincingly write an eBook. At least, this is my hope, I have paid for eBooks that appeared to be written by second graders, numerous spelling and grammatical errors. So if you aren't going to spend the time to make your eBook look like it was written by an educated adult then don't write an eBook. Ok, to find you market you are going to write an article.

Remember that most really good things start small. Write an article that is about 500 to 800 words long. This article is going to be a brief overview of one of the topics you will cover in your eBook. Let's say that you are going to write and eBook on how to grow bonsai trees. One topic in that book should be how to care for bonsai trees.

So your article is going to be about that topic. Please proof read your article, no one is going to pay for your eBook if it looks like a child wrote it. Take that article and post it to the various article sites on the net, post it in the paper, do an internet search to find groups that are interested in bonsai trees, gardening places, start a blog, etc. At the bottom of your article you will close it with whether you would like to be notified when the eBook "Growing the Great Bonsai" is available please send a blank email to What do you know, you found your market.

Once you have this list you can then use it for viral marketing. Viral marketing is really no more then those people that already have what you are selling or are interested in what you are selling telling all their like minded friends about you so that they then will buy what you are selling. See there usually is a market for everything, including the eBook that you want to write. The trick is really all about finding that market and I just gave you an ironclad way to find that market. Happy writing to you!.

You can get more quality free information about finding your own ebook niche in the e-course "List Building in a Niche Market".


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