Directory Submitters What are they and What Do they do

You may never have heard the term directory submitter before but if you are reading this article then I am sure you have heard of Dmoz and the Yahoo Directory! Well directory submitter is the most common term for a software application that will help you submit your website to web directories like Dmoz and the Yahoo Directory. Very similar to other submission programs on the market today, like for example Article Submitters. The main reason you would want to get yourself a Directory Submitter application is that you can actively promote your website to increase its Google PR, Search Engine Ranking and Link Popularity so in turn you can get more visitors to it.

Directory Submitters are the perfect software solution to save you time with your directory submission process. they make the process a whole lot easier by automatically entering your information into the directories submission form for you and most directory submitters on the market today come pre-configured with hundreds of online directories ready for you to submit your website to. The cost and quality of Directory Submitters can vary a lot, So I recommend you download and try them all. You can find free Directory Submitters online that will do the job for you if you are on a limited marketing budget but they may lack a lot of the features that a paid Directory Submitter program may have. The price for a paid Directory Submitter starts from as low as $30 to as much as $150 or more, but the higher the price in most cases the more features you will get for your money. Do a search for the term Directory Submitter or Link Directory Submitter in Google, Yahoo or Msn and you will find many websites that offer these types of programs either for free or for a fee.

If they offer a free version or a demo download it and give it a try, then make notes of the features you like in each Directory Submitter and compare them to all the other submitters you have downloaded and tested and when you find one that suits your needs buy it if you can afford to, it will pay for itself in the long run. Why You Should Submit Your Websites To Link Directories. By submitting your website to as many link directories as you can you will get back links from them.

This will increase your Link Popularity with Google. Since link pop is a major factor to rank well in Google, increasing it means a good Google ranking in the long term. This will translate into more traffic for your website. Most directories in Directory Submitter applications are free to submit to Giving you the benefits of free one way backlinks and the business sense to having your site listed in as many SEO friendly directories as possible.

After all, you have nothing to loose for doing so. Conclusion. If you submit your website to as many FREE Link Directories as you can even if they have a Google PR of 0 do it because you never know the directory may have a google PR of 3-5 or more in the next Google update and stop accepting free submissions, that is why you should never ignore free or brand new link directories even if they do not have a Google PR yet. I have found that by submitting my new websites to directories with Directory Submitters I get my sites listed and ranked in the 10 top positions of the 3 main search engines in as little as 1 month or even less. So I do recommend you start submitting your websites to Link Directories today and do it with a Directory Submitter program either a free one or a paid one. Good Luck with your directory submissions.

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