Discover A Quick And Easy Way To Create Valuable Information Products

Let me share with you how I quickly and easily created an information product, just by sending a few emails to a person. In fact, with this method, you can get other people to do much of the writing for you and you automatically have testimonials or a case study built in to the product itself. With this method and other similar methods, I have made over 15 information products that I sell on the Internet via digital download. It's really much easier to create valuable special reports, ebooks, audios and videos than most people think.

Maybe you are one of those people who write 5 or more emails a day. To you sending an email is natural and effortless. This method of information product creation would be perfect for you. Personally, I find it much easier to write emails as opposed to writing articles or writing a book. It's such an easy way to create valuable content.

Think about this. An information product doesn't have to be 100 or more pages long; it simply has to contain valuable information that your reader will appreciate. If you have a system that helps people win 8 out of 10 horse races, does it matter if it's only one page long? I'd gladly pay $10,000 for that one page formula. Here's what I did: 1. I decided what I wanted to write about. I already had most of the actual techniques in mind, but they were further refined in the back and forth email process.

2. Then I found a person who wanted to achieve the goal that my product delivered. You can do this by searching any forums that are related to your future product.

But this person came from my email list and happened to be someone I knew personally. 3. I simply asked her via email if she would be willing to test out my new program? In exchange for her getting my system, she was to send me progress reports via email and questions.

In addition, we agreed that I could use her emails as part of the product itself. She said yes and promised to regularly report back on her results. I chose to go with her because I knew she was a very determined person. You have to find at least one and possibly three or more people willing to test your information product and give you regular feedback via email. 4.

Next, I just emailed her the details of what she needed to do to achieve her goal. In this instance, there was very little for me to write. It was a fitness goal that she wanted to achieve and my specialized techniques to achieve this goal were no more than a page or two long. 5. She wrote back and forth to me many times. She had questions and obstacles that I helped her to overcome.

In fact, I hadn't even reached my goal with the program yet. But I knew it worked really well. So we were both working to achieve a similar goal. But all the communication via email helped me to add to and improve my original ideas. I also talked about my ideas with a friend who's into fitness and he helped me develop the idea even further.

Also just the fact that I was emailing this information instead of simply storing it in my head, created a greater depth of knowledge for my info product. 6. I reached my goal and she made great progress. She was in terrible condition to begin with, but steadily she made quick progress compared to her previous attempts at reaching her goal. The program was an incredible success.

7. All I had to do was to gather all of those emails together and edit them for grammar and content. Then I put them into a Microsoft Word file and then converted that to a PDF file. There are free PDF file converters you can download on the Internet.

8. Presto, I had my 15-page special report ebook and it felt like almost no effort to get it done. Plus I had a built in testimonial in the product. Had I done this with a few other people I could have had a few more built in testimonials, assuming they also had success with the system. If you want to expand on this system.

You can simply do this with your own forum. Get your members to participate by giving them advance access to your info product, if they will simply be willing to help you in its creation. You can create a private forum for beta testers to talk and give progress reports.

Then just take all the posts, edit them for grammar and content and then you've got yourself an ebook. Keep in mind, you might have only created a third of the actual content. Or in other words, you didn't really have to write that much, but you just created a really powerful ebook or special report which you can sell for a nice profit.

Roger Haeske is the creator of many sites including Roger recommends the Information Product Creation Course to show you how to create a product and put it up for sale, by this time next week? Discover how easy it really is:


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