Do Most Network Marketing Business Models Really Work For the Average Joe

If you are like me, your answer would be no. The Average Joe is attracted by the possibilites of residual income and huge potential payouts. We get reeled in by the hype and let down by the reality.

The reality is that people fail. It's easy to be enthusiastic just after signing up and dreaming of the big bucks. You have all these ideas whirling around in your head and you know so many people who "need" this program to turn their lives around. You call your first prospect and give your best sales pitch only to be shot down by how this is "one of those pyramid schemes", "you're never going to make any money", etc.

It's more and more difficult to call someone else because each call makes you question yourself a little more. Just convincing someone to attend an opportunity meeting or get on a three-way call with your up-line is nearly impossible, especially since your initial enthusiasm is fading. After a short while you stop trying to recruit. Your business NEVER takes off. You NEVER make any money.

How do we overcome the pitfalls of this business in order to reap the rewards? Have you ever wondered why the sales process fails some of the time and succeeds some of the time? It is simple. People determine success or failure. If we could remove the "human" element, then we could have a higher conversion rate. This way of thinking goes against everything we've always heard about recruiting but doesn't it make sense? If somehow we could get our message to people in a professional manner without having to become the super salesperson ourselves, maybe we stand a chance. Is it possible? After many years of failing and countless thousands of dollars wasted, I've finally found a way to succeed Ty Coughlin, an experienced online marketer, along with a group of serious internet entrepreneurs called the inner circle, realized that in order for them to be able to really control how successful they became, they had to figure out how to get "people" out of the sales process. Ty Coughlin and his inner circle have spent years perfecting the Reverse Funnel System.

This unique internet product does all of the marketing for you. This system drives traffic to your website and converts them to buyers without your intervention. Everything you need to be successful has been automated. There is automatic "campaign tracking", an online training class regimen, auto responders and duplicatable websites. In other words, if you can advertise, the website will do the selling for you.

No prospecting. No cold calling. No selling. Just plug and play. The important thing is to not give up.

If you have a computer and can follow a system, you can have a very successful online Network Marketing business. Best of luck.

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