Finally How to Make Real Money with AdSense

I've been hearing about all these people making a fortune with Google's AdSense for years. But I've never actually met one. Have you? The truth is, AdSense can make you a lot of money but it's not a deluge of raining money that will make you rich overnight. It's more of a trickle effect, but some of those drops can be pretty big! Speaking of money, don't waste another dime on ebooks promising you instant AdSense riches unless you know for a fact it will work.

I've met too many people who have purchased dozens of the top books and plans out there, only to be left aggravated and poorer for their efforts. The most important thing you need to know is that each keyword you target in AdSense has a different value. Of course you want to target those that will make you the most money but you also need to consider how much competition you will be up against.

In a few minutes I'll show you how to find keywords that offer the most profit potential with the least competition. Now let's get into how we make money with AdSense. It's a lot easier than you think, if you do it the right way. I'll show you how to use any spare parked domains you might have laying around and make money on every single one. I make about $100 per month for the domains I use and each only took me about 30 minutes to set up, just one time.

Here's how it works. You take your unused domain names and let an inexpensive service host them and add hundreds of pages of keyword rich content that you personally select. You control the content and even write your own title, description and META tags to maintain full control of your site.

You even select the template to control the site's look and feel. Here we go. Step 1: Sign up for a free Adsense account at

But don't get your ad code yet. I can share some tips to triple your response rates (and income.) Step 2: Register with http://www. or a like service. I picked this one because of the value ($99 for up to 100 automatically created fully optimized websites.) There might be another better for you. Just be certain you select a service that creates SEO ready, content rich sites automatically.

This is how you will make your AdSense money and continue to make that money on auto pilot. Now for the insider tips that make this system work and bring in a steady passive income you can rely on for years to come. #1 Target the Best Keywords Go to

com/select/KeywordToolExternal and enter any keyword or keyword phrase. Be specific! Here's a new take on my favorite example. If you have a page about flower delivery, don't just use the most general term like "flowers.

" This might have worked ten years ago but now there is way too much competition. So rather than "flowers", with its 300 Million competing pages on Google, try something more specific like "sending flowers online." Notice it only has 1/10th the number of pages competing? Even better, use that keyword link above to find something similar but even better. In a few seconds we see that "send flowers online" (without the "ing") is even more popular as you can tell from the blue boxes beside the word indicating popularity. And with another trip to Google, you'll notice that "send flowers online" has only half the competition but is even more popular! This is an instant advantage over about 99% of your competitors! #2 Develop a Great Title This is easier than you would think since it is a nice short page title.

You simply combine your most important targeted keyword with your most general and separate them with a "pipe" (the vertical slash key above the Enter/Return key.) We now have "send flowers online | flowers". Now go back and find some related keywords you'd like to do well for.

These would be popular flowers or occasions for flowers being sent online for our example. #3 Create a Winning META Description This is important but easy with a little practice. Here are the big things to remember. First, begin the description with your targeted keyword "send flowers online." Then take your remaining keywords and line them up in order of importance. That done, we might have "flowers", "wedding flowers", and "Mothers Day.

" Now just use each word in order of importance like. "Send flowers online with ABC Flowers. We offer inside tips on the least expensive ways to send the freshest wedding flowers, Mothers Day arrangements or whatever else you need; wherever you need." This is perfect! We used each of our important keywords without spamming the text.

We even broke it up with some extra detail that will help anyone who reads the description before they bother to visit the site. Just remember to keep the description to fewer than 250 characters if possible (including spaces). Believe it or not, these last three steps were the hard part. The rest is about as automated as it gets. #4 Bring in the Content! If you use a service like Why Park, they do almost all the work for you.

You simply enter your keywords in the "article finder" via the "Research Your Keywords" link (located beside the keywords box.) I found 172 articles in a just ten seconds! That's one hundred seventy two pages of keyword rich content that is extremely relevant to my site and will benefit my visitors. Here's what I found. a.) sending flowers online - 5 b.) flowers - 151 c.

) wedding flowers - 16 Total Articles Found: 172 Want more? Just add the word "roses" and get another 59! So now we have 231 articles in 10 seconds. Think about it. You just built a full, content-rich, search engine friendly site, in just seconds! This, along with your title, description, and META data will put you over the top on Google. That's it for how to generate a self renewing AdSense income that will last for years to come. But before I leave you, let me give you two final tips that will take you over the top.

Insider Tip 1: Benefit from the Best-Pulling AdSense Ad It's not unusual for your click-through rate (CTR) to triple with this tip. Mine did within days of switching to this format. a.) Select an ad size of 336 x 280 pixels.

If that seems too big for your site, try 300 x 250. b.) Make your ad border and background colors the same as your Website's background color. It helps it blend in and take away some of the "advertisement" feel. c.

) Use the standard blue hyperlink color for the actual links in your ad. Insider Tip 2: Get Fast and Free Search Engine Submission Submit Express will submit your website to 40 search engines for free, instantly at

That's all there is to it. By this time next week you could be tracking your new AdSense income. Best of luck!.

Scott Jason is a professional SEO copywriter and founder of Over the past nine years he has worked with hundreds of clients, securing thousands of top placements on Google, Yahoo, MSN and more.


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