Free Flash Headers This is Way too Cool

Do you want to be able to build cool flash design websites for Free. It doesn't happen very much in this industry that a tool comes along that is so different and so cool that you just know that everyone and their sister will be using and joining. This tool is that revolutionary and so easy for the novice.

Drastically change the appearance of any website almost effortlessly and instantly. They have made it easy to build flash, and they are giving it away for free! There are also lots of background images to select for your headers in case you run out of idea's. You are given lots of flash special effects to apply to your lines of text, I have never seen such a powerful design tool for free. Most people leave a webpage within the first 7 seconds. We only have that long to grab their attention.

You and I know flash works, we have seen it on our competitors web sites. To have the opportunity to take advantage of their edge is like a dream come true. Best of all, you are not paying anything to use it! This will give you hours of fun and awesome looking headers and to think I was searching online for a new toy to purchase.

If you can work a word processor, you can create stunning flash headers in minutes. It allows you to create them in real time, using drag & drop to position text on the header where you want it. All you need to do is copy the HTML code necessary.

It's time to let your imagination fly high. Capturing your customers attention with flash can increase your ROI and also your web site traffic. If you keep testing new idea's, you will be amazed at how simple the whole process is and how fast you can see real results.

You can click the "Preview Header button" to see what your creation looks like with the flash effects working. This will likely be one of the biggest successes of 2008 and will have members flocking to if for years. My ten year old son even wanted a turn instead of his Saturday morning cartoons. Now that made me feel like I was back in college, flipping coins with the boys to see who was going next on the play station 2 and who was going to the store.

PS - No catch, it really is free. There simply is some paid options to increase the versatility of the software. A new header can literally be created in minutes and you can build complete flash minisites complete with promo tools if you have an affiliate program


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