Free online advertising and How To Get Free Traffic To Your Site

When marketing your website, the hardest part may be finding a way to recieve alot of traffic without having to pay for expensive advertisements. There are in fact lots of websites were you may advertise for free, which works pretty well. There are also sites where you aquire credits by visiting others websites, which will be used to redirect other people to yours. But the best and most efficient way is to optimize your website for search engines (SEO - search engine optimization). This way, you get free traffic and visitors, whom are looking especially for the content on your website, by searching for your keywords on one of the many search engines, such as Google. There are some important things you must keep in mind when optimizing your website.

One of the most important parts is to have a good title, preferably containing some of the websites main keywords. The title is the text being displayed in bold on the result page when using a search engine. It should not be longer than 65 characters.

A description of the website is also very important. This is where you tell people what your website is all about, and what they may expect to find there. It is the text you see directly under the title on the search engines' result pages, it should not exceed 150 characters.

It is also possible to directly specify some key words which you want to be matched to your website. My experience tells me, though, that these does not have as high priority as the title or description. It is also preferable to make the work easier for the search engines. For example, you should repeat the most important key words several times spread out on the entire page and preferably write them as headings or in bold. And not to forget, the domain name, which should also describe your website.

You should definately also let the search engines know of your webiste, to speed up the process of their robots finding it. The biggest search engines include Google, Yahoo and MSN, others will find your website in time. To make your website reach the top ranks it is also very important to have other websites linking to yours. Apparently this is especially important for Google. In order to aquire these links, there are some tricks you can use.

Writing articles and uploading them to article archives is highly appreciated by the search engines. You may also add your URL to different link catalogues, write in forums or make use of any free advertisement website. There is also a program called Link-vault which I've heard is really good. Another option is to upload videos with you URL to some video websites, a very efficient way in order to been seen by the search engines.

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