Geriatric Marketing A New Group Of Internet Marketers To Help

What in the world is geriatric marketing? Let me explain! I am on the staff of the Niche Power Group and PIPS Power Group. Unfortunately I happen to be the oldest person on the staff at 50 years old. The fact that I have gray hair doesn't help me when it comes to people thinking how old I am. But after 4 cardiac arrests, 3 angioplasties, and 2 heart attacks before I was 40 I am just glad to be alive.

Hearing about what happened to Ed McMahon recently has got me thinking about a new target market that I'm going to term geriatric marketing. Remember you heard that phrase from me first because it is going to be the next wave of Internet marketers. The bottom line is that most people cannot afford to retire at 65 years of age anymore.

This is a sad fact of life that has many of them looking for ways to continue to make money as people continue to have longer life spans. Although this age group of people did not grow up with computers like our kids have, they are quickly becoming more used to them, and it is only a matter of time before they all migrate into the Internet marketing business world. It is already happening! This is a perfect match made in heaven if you ask me. You are taking people who have a need for, an interest in, and a desire to make more money. They also possess a fantastic work ethic, which will come in handy as they battle learning the necessary skills to become successful online.

If you can find ways to get in front of the geriatric market, you can help a lot of people and potentially make a lot of money yourself. This will also mean being very helpful to them when they need it. I also think you are going to have to make it easy for this group of people to get started on the internet. That may mean providing pre-built unique blogs or websites, and teaching them exactly how to promote their business. If ever there was a group of people that would follow exact instructions in my opinion, the geriatric market is it. If you can offer simple instructions on how to make money oline this group of people will follow you to the end of the earth.

There is little doubt geriatric marketing will be the next wave of people getting involved with internet marketing. There will be a small group of us who are waiting to welcome them with open arms and add to our own success while helping create theirs.

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