Have You Fallen Prey To The MultiLevel Marketing Money Myth

By Don Keith (12-18-2006) I suppose most people that have looked at (work from home or work at home ) business opportunities, have looked at - or tried - some MLM program at one time or another. We have seen the circles or the numbers, you know - if you get three and they get three etc. When it comes to putting the plan into action it seems that all those numbers and the promised income were really just a myth. Well, let's take a look at some real numbers and at the real myth. If you take the most Basic MLM plan that is 5 levels deep and you get just $1 per month as your share from each person below you on each of your 5 levels, the numbers can be pretty enticing.

For example, let's look at the numbers with this minimal scenario of $1 from each level. Do you know, that if you recruited just 1 person a month, who used the product or service (giving you your $1 from them) and they then recruited just 1 per month who did the same, in 3 years you would be making $119,000 every MONTH. No folks, that's not myth. So I hear screams coming back? "it sure didn't / doesn't work that way for me". There is a myth out there alright.

The real myth is in the minds of many ( if not most ) people who are enticed by those very real (but seemingly ever evasive) big numbers. The myth is in the way we usually extrapolate that figure in our heads. Our logic tends to go something like this: $119,000 per month in 36 months, so I'm starting from zero and that means if my income goes up by $3305 every month, at the end of 36 months my income will be at about $119,000.

We usually are more realistic than that but tend to think that it migh take 3-4 months to get to the $3305 per month and then the growth should occur along that sort of a path. Well, that's logical IF the income growth were a linear progression but that IS NOT how it works. This mythical linear progression thinking would have you making $19,830 in your 6th month and almost $40,000 in your 12th month. You start in this company and you're a hard working MLM wannabee.

You work long hours learning and "following their system" and really put your heart into it. After 3 months of hard work you find that you have hardly made enough to pay the phone bill let alone gas, advertising, etc. etc. You start to think that maybe you were deceived or that there is something wrong with you. You hang in there for a few more months but when you hit 6 months and you're only making $197 (and that is GROSS) you say "forget it" and want to QUIT.

NO, NO, NO, DO NOT QUIT!!!! That's the shame and the tragedy that comes from the myth we've fed ourselves with the assumptions we made about the linear progression. Let's look at the EXACT figures for the hypothetical example and you'll see this is more like a geometric progression (for you math guys). Here is the way it breaks down in each 6 month period from 1 to 36. Month 1-6: 1=$1; 2=$3; 3=$7; 4=$15; 5=$31; 6=$61. Do you see that? This guy was ahead of schedule (to make $119,000 per month in just three years) and he was about to QUIT - when he was ahead of schedule!! Look at the rest of it.

Month 7-12: 7=$113; 8=$197; 9=$325; 10=$511; 11=$771; 12=$1123 Month 13-24: 13=$1,587; 14=$2,185; 15=$2,941; 16=$3,881; 17=$5,033; 18=$6,427; 19=$8,095; 20=10,071; 21=12,391; 22=15,093; 23=18,217; 24=$21,805 Months 25-36: 25=$25,901; 26=30,551; 27=35,803; 28=41,707; 29=48,315; 30=$55,681; 31=63,861; 32=72,913; 33=82,897; 34=93,875; 35=105,911; 36=$119,071 Look at that and let it sink in! It takes time to duplicate yourself and for each new person to get up to speed. Every situation will be different but this shows you the PRINCIPLE. Drill that principle deep into your head and you will keep on and stay the course - that is where the money is made in Multi-level or Network Marketing. This MLM industry is the greatest way there is for large numbers of people to earn their way to a million dollar a year income. Enjoy the journey.

Treat your customers and especially your "downline" with respect and educate them to the realities of the industry. Do not let them quit without educating them on what the true income path really looks like. In fact, if you're wise, you won't let them even start training under you unless they understand the way the growth curve works.

This is not a get rich really quick business as it is so often portrayed to be (in order to entice the gullible to "get in"). But, if you are with a good company, have good products or services and stay the course - working diligently, it will make your VERY rich a lot faster than a physician or a lawyer who is making nothing from his profession until after 6-8 years of schooling. Think about it boys and girls. Put a big smile on your face when you're "paying your dues" because you are planting prolific seeds that WILL yield you an abundant harvest - if you stick around for it. Find one of the good online business building franchises and they will help you shorten the growing season - but do not fall prey to the linear progression myth.

In life generally, and in MLM especially, the Law of The Harvest will prevail - "Your reap what you sow" and you reap it AFTER planting, cultivating, watering, weeding, spraying and praying. Multi Level Marketing has probably made more millionaires than any other business opportunity and it can make one of you too - but it takes time. Stay the course and reap the harvest.

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