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Read the papers, listen to the news the economy seems to be in shambles. People are losing their homes, their jobs, can't pay for food or gas, this seems to be all doom and gloom. However, people are still flocking the home based business industry in droves. Why? Well I believe it is because people want to take control of their lives. They want to create their own financial freedom.

And starting an online home based business seems to be the answer. Many of the new home business owners I talk with are people coming from the baby boomer generation or young college graduates faced with gloomy corporate opportunities. And if you are watching the trends on the internet you will see that most of the new business is either in the information market, travel or health and wellness.

Right up their alley! So if you are going to start a home business what is the best industry to begin? Good question, tough answers. First I would say it has to be in some industry you love and have a passion for. But let me give you a few tips on each industry to help you along in making the right decision for you. The travel industry may seem to be in deep trouble, but ask yourself, ask your family members or friends "if they are you going to forgo a vacation, this year, or forever, because of gas or airfares"? People need a get away.

If you can provide a great value product with a great pay plan the entrepreneur can sell it and the public will buy it. Health and wellness will never go out of style. People are increasingly looking for ways to lose weight, feel better and look 20 years younger. This is a highly competitive market with an enormous about of products to choose from.

Find a good one you believe in and make it you, sell it differently than the rest and you can be successful. Information market has been around for many years, however I believe it is just really coming into its own right now. People cannot get enough information. They want to know how to- well do anything from making money to curing cancer. Google did not become so popular for no reason. The first thing most people do is a web search.

If you can provide what they are looking for differentiate yourself in this market, and create a real niche you will have a gold mine.

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