How Important Is Testing To Making Money Online

For years I have taken the lazy man's approach to tracking what is going on in my marketing efforts on the Internet. For me I mostly just sent my traffic to my homepage and was satisfied to see my newsletter subscribers and my income increase on a regular basis. Testing and tracking was something I did not want to be bothered with. So how important is testing out your marketing strategy to your overall success? I would put testing into a couple of different categories. 1. One common sense thing is, whenever you make changes to your blog, website, landing page, and so on, you should be tracking everything to make sure you did not make mistakes.

If you are like me you are going to type in the wrong url, send a subscriber to the wrong autoresponder address, or maybe even not get the subscriber at all. Therefore, common sense is that you check every link on every page, and you go through the total sign up process if you are trying to capture names for future follow. Let yourself be the guinea pig, not your valuable customers. You will probably be surprised at how many mistakes you find. Even the most conscientious Internet marketers can have typing errors that lead to traffic being sent to error pages as opposed to the page you want them on.

2. Another simple thing you can do is track which landing pages are giving you the best results. You could create three different landing pages and monitor which one is drawing the best. You can also create different landing pages for different article directories and see which one is giving you the most clicks. You really should add Google analytics to every webpage on your site if you want to get more serious about testing.

Include this on your blog homepage as well as your single pages. It is amazing how much you can learn about your traffic from reading the Google analytics reports. Not finding out what is working in your marketing efforts is a big mistake because the Internet is becoming so competitive. The only way you can decrease the amount of money you are spending while increasing the positive results is to know what works. For this reason, you have to test your marketing strategies and constantly be making the appropriate changes to improve them. Do this on a regular basis and you will be amazed at how much better your business runs and how much more money you start making.

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