How To Use MySpace To Attract Thousands Of New Visitors

MySpace is a social networking site where people can set up a profile page, a blog or a group to add and meet friends with similar interests. Myspace is home to over 85 million people so it is no wonder that Internet Marketers are using it as a marketing tool. MySpace can be used to drive targetted traffic to your sites (which can then be monetized using Adsense, your own product or Affiliates). After you have set up your MySpace profile (which will have links to your site), there are three ways to get people to view your MySpace profile and click onto your site, these are: Adding Friends: This feature allows you to manually surf other people's MySpace profiles and add them to your friends list with just one click.

After you have added them, they will be sent an email request asking them if they want to accept your invitation. I have found that most people will accept invitations. When I'm searching for MySpace Friends to add, I only add people who have similar interests to my site so that I'm only getting targetted traffic.

The more friends you have, the more traffic you will get to your site. Posting Comments: This is a good way of getting other people to add you as a friend. After people have added you as their friend, go to their profile page and post a nice comment and include your link. Some MySpace profiles have good page ranks and are visited by thousands of people daily, so posting your link there is a good idea.

Making A Group: Starting your own MySpace Group around your niche topic is easy and is a great way to get thousands of profile views and traffic. I experimented with MySpace Marketing and have found the results pretty good, as long as you choose a popular niche. One of my blogs receives more than 50% of it's traffic just from MySpace.

Post A Bulletin: After you have built up a nice friends list, it's time to post a bulletin. A bulletin is just a message that gets sent to everyone on your friends list. In your bulletin, you can send something meaningful and include affiliate links or a link to your site.

If you haven't used MySpace as a marketing tool yet, then I suggest you give it a try. MySpace is free and it's a great way to get instant traffic and backlinks to your site.

Sam Chim is an online entrepreneur who posts his Internet Marketing Tips on his personal blog,


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