Increase Web Traffic

Everyone claims to know how to do it, but very few can. I was told it was easy. You have probably heard the same thing.

Then like me you took the leap of faith. You built your masterpiece. You submitted your website to the search engines. Then you waited? And waited? And waited.

The sales never poured in like most experts have told us that it would. Now it's time to go back to the drawing board. Maybe you should try Google Adwords. Or maybe you should try buying traffic.

Those services work and they are effective. But what if you are operating on a shoestring budget. You could turn to SEO marketing and generate free traffic. Although SEO marketing is extremely effective it is time consuming ? but it works. Nobody wants to wait weeks or even months to increase there web traffic. You need traffic and you need it within minutes.

What do you do? TIME TO PLAY DIRTY That is the position that I found myself in when I first started. Out of stupidity I turned to black hat techniques, spam, and several other risky strategies. Did they work? They sure did. Did I generate any revenue? I sure did.

In fact I made a lot of money. I achieved my goal and I did increase my web traffic. I even quit my job. I had become one of those so-called over night successes that I had once read about. WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND As fast as it all came? It all went away.

My house of cards came tumbling down. I was spamming so much I had shut down entire companies. The lawsuits started pouring in. What seemed like a dream come true had turned in to my worse nightmare. A shortcut turned into a yearlong battle, and a mountain of attorney fees. Although I survived it all the scars still remain.

But there is more? During the battle I discovered Safelist. I wish I could tell you that I struck it rich again my first time out the gate. But I failed miserably. Then I discovered that Safelist marketing was a unique form of marketing. I couldn't approach it like I did with traditional forms of marketing.

With a year or so and a ton of persistence I finally figured it out - the traffic began to flow. And more importantly it was all 100% legit. Now when I launch a new website Safelist marketing is the first weapon in my arsenal that I pull out.

It allows me to drive traffic to my website within minutes. If you do not remember anything else from this article ? remember this. The most important thing outside of knowing how to write a good ad is being consistent.

Although I use several techniques to drive traffic to my website ? I always start with Safelist marketing. Why do I do this? It cost little to know money to get started and it is effective. It allows me to test my sales copy for conversions.

At the same time I am generating revenue, while I optimize my website for the search engines. The bottom line is this? Regardless to what the so-called experts say, Safelist really do work. I recommend this strategy to those who are just starting out with online marketing. This strategy is time consumer, and is geared towards those with little to no revenue to invest. Go join a couple of Safelist and take about 15 or 20 minutes to review the ton of emails that you are going to receive. Look at what they are selling.

Take note to the headlines that catch your eye. Study their sales copy. Experiments and see what works for you. I ensure you that Safelist marketing will generate web traffic for you. Will you have tons of traffic flowing to your site in the beginning. Nope! However you will open the floodgates of web traffic once you understand how the system works.

This article was written by Tim Beachum. If you are interested in learning more step-by-step instructions on driving traffic to your site visit: Increase Website Traffic.


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