Increase Website Sales And Slaughter The Price Concern

Only ineffective sales messages are always "fair" and compare their products directly with their competitor's similar products. It's like always comparing apples to apples - but who says you can't compare apples to oranges instead? Use these four persuasion strategies for your website and watch your sales increase! Persuasion Tactic #1 Confuse the price concern with indirect comparison. Let's say that you are selling CDs for a seminar. You can go around the price issue by saying this? The CD-set may cost $397, and that's a lot of money.

But think about the money you saved if you actually went to the 3-day seminar. You would be coughing up $300 for the airplane ride, $300 for the luxury hotel, $600 for the admission ticket into the seminar, and an extra $200 for food, drinks, and entertainment - therefore, you are actually investing $397 instead of the whopping $1400 for getting essentially the same information. You've made it seem that the price issue here isn't directly comparing with your competitors. So you are making a comparison of the value of the CD-set versus the much more expensive live seminar! Persuasion Tactic #2 Bring up the labor and research it took to develop your product.

For this example, let's say you are selling vitamins and your price is higher than the competitor's. Tell your prospects (if it's true) that your vitamins: - Is researched by a team of 1000 world class scientists that cost millions of dollars. -Took ten years of constant research to reach your perfect formula -Organically harvested and costs millions of dollars more to bring the best of nature to your customers. This justifies why your product is more expensive by demonstrating that millions of dollars of labor that is packaged into your product.

Persuasion Tactic #3 Sell the 'bulk' benefits your product offers. Return to the vitamin example. This technique doesn't even compare your product with money. Show your prospects how much food they will have to eat to equal the amount of nutritional benefit found in your vitamin.

For example your vitamin offers: - The vitamin E found in 5 pounds of peanut butter - The vitamin C found in 60 large oranges - The vitamin B found in 70 pounds of beef Definitely your vitamins are cheaper than 70 pounds of beef, 60 large oranges, and 5 pounds of peanut butter. So you're making them feel like they are getting a great deal! Persuasion Tactic #4 Split the price into easy payments. If you want to squeeze extra cash from your prospects, this is a great way to go?even if you price is higher! Sales will increase if you offered them two options to either pay one larger sum or splitting it up into easy installments For your $1000 product, offer them 4 easy payments of $250.

Conversion will increase if you give them these options. The funny thing is that it has been shown that if you offer a 'premium' package for $1500 split into 8 easy payments of $187.50 instead, there is no difference in conversion rate?but a big difference in your wallet! These sneaky persuasion tactics are great at making it hard for your prospects to make an direct and easy price comparison. This also reveals the "not so obvious" monetary value of the product you are selling So if you are experiencing a sales plateau and you think price may be the concern, start applying these techniques today.

If anything you will most likely see an increase in sales and boost of revenue!.

Alan Quan is an internet marketing coach and owns a successful internet business selling high-end information products. He is helping and now giving his coaching FREE to entrepreneurs who are serious about making money on the internet. Visit and see if you qualify for his exclusive program.


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