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Consumers are growing more and more skeptical of falling victim to online scams everyday so they are very, very careful before clicking your "Buy Now" button. Whenever you are trying to sell something you must consider that prospect WILL have reservations about buying your product. You must use your 'copy' to pre-empt the prospects objection and gain their trust. This is the only way to "Win the Sale". In face to face selling or telemarketing this is a bit easier to do because you can read the customer's buying and non-buying signals. You can read these signs by their voice fluctuation and tone as well as in the body language they display.

So how do you compensate for this lack of interaction within the sales copy on your website? Well, you must put yourself in your customer's shoes and read your sales page back to yourself over and over again. Take a highlighter and section off the areas that may give rise to objections and reservations from your prospects. Then go back and address those objections by adding the info to your copy or "sales pitch". Regardless of how silly an objection may seem to you, they are very real for the prospect and they must be addressed accordingly. There is no generic rebuttal for all objections but there are key phrases that should always be used when rebutting an objection.

Keep in mind that an objection is an opportunity. The customer is testing your product knowledge & credibility to determine trust worthiness. It is a chance to shine in the eyes of the prospect but it is inherently also a chance to blow the deal completely. Always be prepared for an objection. When selling in person or over the phone, you don't have as much time to think about a perfect rebuttal as you do when you're writing sales copy. You should have pre-planned responses to all the common objections for your product.

"I don't have the money." or "I have to talk to my spouse" or "It's too expensive." are all examples of common objections that we here regardless of product or market. Your rebuttals to these should be quick and assertive.

But some objections are not as easy to handle, especially when they are technical in nature. Remember that your credibility is being tested so you should not guess at the right answer. Instead, make a list of the prospects concerns and after each concern say "What else." Let the prospect see that you are attentively listening and writing down the questions. Repeat the process until they have no more objections then say "Those are some great points Mr.

Prospect, now I'm certain that when I satisfy all of these concerns for you, You will infact make your purchase. Correct?" REMAIN SILENT. (The first person to talk here usually looses the deal so don't let it be you) Next, you have to reassure them that you will thoroughly research each of these points and commit ot an exact date & time that you will follow up with them, to close the deal. This method will always win their trust in comparison to just baffling them with nonsense answers that you made up or guessed.

Remember to always edify the prospect. Their objections may sound common or ridiculous to you, but to them they are real concerns. Make them feel like it's the first time you've ever heard that concern and give them the attention it deserves. Agree with them and their objection, then refute the objection and finally, close the deal.

Never argue or take an opposing stand because that will not win over the prospects trust. You get more bees with honey than you do with vinegar. This approach disarms the prospect and makes you look like a helpful friend instead of a salesman.

Whenever possible, you should relate their concerns to another customer's similar situation and point out how it was resolved for them. This makes them feel like they are not alone and kicks in "The Jones Effect." To Your Sales Success, Omar Martin.

Omar Martin is an expert internet marketer and sales coach. He posts free sales advice and products on:


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