Is This Outdated Approach Costing You Sales

Businesses grow on purpose lot luck or by chance. In order to maximize your profits you need to implement the principle that I will share with you. If you are already doing this think of ways that you can take it to another level. There is always room for improvement. Please let me explain. We all know customers are the life bread of any business.

However, the typical approach is actually annoying to most customers. From the time the prospective customer makes contact with the sales agent he bombarded by sales messages. Our product can do this and that.

The prospect actually feels like you piece of meat. He feels uncomfortable and even if he purchases the product he often is filled with buyer remorse. This customer is unlikely to give you repeat business. What's wrong with this approach? Every business needs to focus on the customer, right? Yes. This is true. However, a fundamental shift in your thought process needs to occur to drastically increase your business.

There is one principle that cuts across all cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. That is we are are all taught that it is not right to receive without giving back. We even have nasty names for people who do just that.

No matter where you live on this planet this principle is at work. Let's take a closer look. Have you ever received a solicitation to donate to Non Profit Organization in the mail? If so you may find this interesting. According to the Disabled American Veterans organization if they send a regular mailer soliciting donations they have about a 18% donation rate.

However, if they include a gift (individualized address labels), the success rate nearly doubles. By giving a unsolicited gift people feel obligated to give back. To utilize this principle to grow your business you must ask different questions.

When you are about to approach your prospect, ask can I truly help this person? What can I do to go beyond the call of duty before he buys? What can I do to induce the feeling of indebtedness toward me and my business? These small changes can make a big difference to your bottom line. Make sure you give first to your customers. If your customers truly feel you have given to them they will likely do business with you. Don't immediately rush in and tell them all the wonderful things your product or service does.

Find out what your customers needs and give to them. Instead of selling your health juice, why not start a newsletter on health living. Include tips and recommendations that lead to a health life. People will read the newsletter and if they get true benefit from your information then they are likely want to do business with you. You're so close to accomplishing all of your goals. Incorporating this principle will put you that much closer to getting there.

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