Learn which leads to buy

So you are trying to get leads for your MLM business and have just exhausted your "warm market", right? What do you do now for leads on people to show your biz opp to? This is the problem facing Internet marketers. All the advice on MLM lead generation tells you to approach your family, friends and neighbors. We, however, do not suggest that you use that approach.

Maybe you spent all your time sponsoring every prospect who happened by your sign up page. These folks were just as eager and enthusiastic as you originally were. But only a few hung in there with you and treat their business just like that-a business with no personal touch whatsoever. What's next? Do you invest the income earned thus far and buy some leads? Is it really worth the money to purchase leads this way? Ask any seasoned Internet Marketer and they will say yes.

Before you send that payment, ask the lead company these questions to be sure you are getting a good value for your hard earned cash. Before you buy even one, single lead, make these inquiries: 1. Are the leads unique? Is each lead guaranteed to be 100% unique and has NOT been supplied to another marketer (or perhaps hundreds or thousands of marketers)? 2. Is the information guaranteed to be accurate? If, after I buy these leads, is there a compensation for bad email addresses or disconnected phone numbers? 3. Free Support What kind of support do you have after the purchase? Is support done through email or live chat or is there a toll free number to call with problems or questions? 4. Selection Do you offer different types of MLM leads? If so, how many types do you offer and what is the smallest quantity available for a single purchase? 5.

Free Leads Do you offer a free small sample of your product so I can see the quality first hand? So, what type of lead should you be looking for? Lead providers will use creative, buzz word inspired names for their specific lead types; terms like "Hot Phone Contacted Leads" and "Area Code Sorted Leads". The fact is that every lead provider will use a different name for what are basically the same lead types available elsewhere. Don't be confused by these deceptive terms. Here we define the basic terms for leads .

The Basic MLM Lead Types - Opt-in Unverified - These folks won't have any idea why you are calling them. They probably opted into some email list that did not tell them they would be receiving calls or emails. They will see you as a telemarketer and hang up on you faster than you can say "Hello". Don't waste your cash on these. - Opt-in verified - These people might recall checking a box somewhere that said they agreed to receive some contact on topics or products that they chose off of a long list.

But your particular offer may not exactly be what they expected or had in mind. Better leads are available, but if you are on a tight budget and have ample time to spend with these people, some solid MLM prospects for your business can result. - Call requested verified - These are better leads due to the fact that these folks are actually expecting a phone call from someone with some requested information.

These contacts know that this is a business proposal or a product pitch but are requesting the details through a direct contact. There are drawbacks, though, with this type of contact. These people want to know more about your opportunity enough to give out their phone number.

However, when the details come out, they could smell "work" and run screaming for the door. On the opposite side of the coin, there are folks on these lists who really want to know and are interested and the prospect of "a little work" doesn't sway them. These folks want to succeed. - Targeted verified call requested - These are the most expensive (of course) and responsive leads available.

These folks know what is expected, they have an idea of the nature of the opportunity and they want to know more. They want to hear from you as soon as possible. They are hungry and eager to listen to your opportunities benefits. If you have ever worked with an MLM company that propagates it's own leads and gives them to you to contact, you full well grasp the value of this lead type.

Although quite expensive, they are well worth the money. This is where you want to place your money when it comes to buying leads.

How would you like a system that generates free leads and closers to close your leads for you into your business. Marketing system eliminates the human variable of mlm.


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