Making Money online With Zero Startup Costs

Any internet newbie regardless of age, experience or financial background can start to make money without any start up costs by becoming a joint venture broker. None of the "normal hard work" involved in earning huge amounts of money online is necessary. All it needs is a bit of research, then sending out a few emails. Hardly rocket science is it! There are thousands of product owners out there who want to set up deals like this, but just don't know how. That's where you come in. You become a Joint Venture Broker and find a site owner with a product, and someone with a large email list of people who would be interested in that product, and you bring them together.

Here are seven steps to making money online with no product of your own, no website, no customer list, and without having to do any marketing whatever. 1. Idea Generation - decide on a niche that you're interested in. Identify your passions and hobbies so that you will not only make money with your brokering business, but enjoy working on it too! 2.

Find your market - Using Clickbank, drill down into a niche market and find an idea for the types of sites you want to broker for. 3. Look for the best sites to broker for - Using either Google or affiliate directories find a web site with a two tier affiliate program that matches certain criteria for making money. 4. Build up a huge list of contacts - potential joint ventures.

Again using Clickbank start building up a list of site domain names of Clickbank products in your market, saving the list of domain names in either Microsoft excel, word, notepad, or anywhere where you can save them. Now go to your list of Clickbank domain names and use the "Google: link" trick to find web sites already promoting products in the niche market you are brokering for. Add them to your list of site names. 5. Look for marketers with ready made email lists - Using Google type in "(your niche market) ezine" to find tens of thousands of sites in your niche market that have ready made email lists to promote to. Start going through them and emailing them trying to broker deals and getting them to promote the site you are brokering for.

This trick in itself would take you months to broker all the deals available, yet each and every deal could be worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars to you. 6. Find site owners contact details - very important. Finding the site owners email address can be just as easy as looking for the "contact us" page on the site itself. However some sites don't have this which makes it impossible for us to get their contact details.

What we then need to do is use a special web site that will give us all the details we need. This web site can be found at All you need to do is visit the site above and type in the domain name of the site which you are looking for contact information for, and then hit "search": You'll get a page with all of the site owners contact details. Take a note of their email address and you're good to go.

7. Lastly, send emails to potential marketers - start contacting all of the site owners and try brokering deals. All this takes is an email and possibly follow up emails. Remember that each email needs to be personalised to the person you are sending it to. This will not only increase your chances of a deal, but also helps you avoid any unsolicited spam issues. So you haven't promoted a product, you haven't created a product, you haven't done any marketing.

All you've done is found a site with a two tier affiliate program, found another site with a ready made large email list or decent traffic, and brought the two together through one simple email. Hard to do? Nope, it's extremely easy. Need some help? Take a look at this brand new course, JV Fortune Broker which shows vividly how to make money online without a product, a web site and without doing any marketing whatsoever.

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