Marketing with My Space An Interview

Matthew Sherborne started marketing on the internet in 1998 with his first website devoted to his commercial diving business. Matthew accumulated real-life knowledge of using low-cost advertising techniques and continually searched for new and innovative marketing methods. Through all of his research looking for the perfect system of promotion, he's discovered the most successful method has always been word of mouth advertising. With that knowledge he's been an enthusiastic supporter of searching and utilizing viral marketing techniques. Since selling his diving service business in 2002 he's traveled from San Diego to Hawaii and finally to the San Francisco Bay area.

Working a variety of labor intensive jobs, above and below ground and water, he decided in early 2005 to put 100 percent of his effort into internet marketing. Since that time he's focused exclusively on the most effective low-cost marketing techniques to boost his online business. He now offers the very same techniques that's made him successful and yielded incredible results. Matthew has a passion for marketing and it shows as he shares today's most radically effective promotional techniques. Matthew will take you behind the scenes to show you exactly how he makes his lucrative income and how he markets his own business online. With his "nothing held back" philosophy you can expect to get all of the inside secrets and sales boosting tactics to use on your very own online business.

Question: I read your ebook, "MySpace Cash Machine", and it is excellent. How did you get started marketing on My Space, and how did you find all of the techniques for marketing on My Space? Answer: I got started marketing on My Space quite by accident in late 2005, in fact if not for a musician friend of mine, I would have missed it entirely. He sent me to his My Space profile and told me how he was receiving some great exposure to his website from linking there. I'd heard in the media that My Space was literally exploding in popularity and that was enough for me to take the opportunity seriously enough to learn more.

I discovered not only was My Space fast becoming the most popular website online, it held the potential to reach millions of people for free. After some research I found that the most commented on and popular profiles were the ones that focused entirely on one subject and did so enthusiastically. Then I carefully studied what others were doing on their My Space profiles in regards to sending bulletins, comments and setting up profiles. My ultimate goal was to uncover exactly how they were making money. I then replicated the successful money-making techniques by fine tuning my profile and website offer. By targeting one specific high-paying niche, it maximized results and brought more income.

I then looked for other high interest topics within My Space and started experimenting with a variety of niche topics with different themed profiles designed to funnel people to websites exactly suited to their wants. Question: Why do you think My Space is such an effective place to market your business? Why would you recommend My Space? Answer: For starters, My Space currently has more than an 80 percent market share over all social networking websites. This accounts for a total number of profiles in excess of 100 million and My Space is currently ranked the 5th most visited website on the planet. As you can imagine the sheer number of people on My Space makes it an extremely attractive place to find hungry customers.

Coupled with the fact that My Space allows you to customize your own webpage with HTML code and CSS to give it any kind of look you want and link to outside sources is irresistible. Imagine the potential of having a popular profile centered around a lucrative keyword and linking it to your own Adsense monetized website or sales page. Once you've got a popular profile it becomes an incredible opportunity just waiting for you to plug in to it. Through the use of groups, forums, messages, events, comments, blogs, videos and classified advertising you have a multitude of ways to reach people interested in your products and turn them into your customers. You can use My Space to get targeted customers for virtually any product you have to offer and you can grow your opt-in lists to continue the selling process. The best part is, you can use My Space to tap in to the most powerful kind of marketing ever known, word of mouth.

Question: What marketing technique do you find to be the most effective, and how do you use it? Would you tell us one or two of your best marketing tips? Answer: As a marketer, the most important key to remember is that your My Space profile is created to attract viewers to your website. To do this, you must determine the most remarkable aspect of your product and turn that into your own persuasive story. Your whole profile must reflect your unique story and be structured so that it not only appeals to your target audience but compels them to find out more. Your My Space picture is often the first thing that people see; make sure you have one that stands out.

The best pictures stir up an emotion in its viewer. A good rule of thumb is to select pictures that are relevant to your product and audience. My favorite strategy is to use a movable gif that is a little larger than the average and captures the viewer's attention. You'll want to spend time selecting a strong headline for your profile since it will appear next to your picture.

It will also be visible from comments you leave on other profiles and on the My Space search function. It's important that you use proper search engine optimization techniques in your headline and throughout your profile's content. The headline should reflect your overall strategy with important keywords. Leveraging the efforts of many is key to building a profitable My Space marketing business. One of the best ways to market your offer on My Space after you've established your profile is through the use of groups.

You have the opportunity to start a group on virtually any topic you want. When you start a group you have control over who can join and its content. To get your group started send a bulletin to everyone on your friends list. Once you've got a loyal following to your group, people will gladly share the information with others. If you want to send viewers to a specific offer, sending bulletins to your My Space profile's friends list will get you instant results.

You can use bulletins to offer something of perceived value to gain the acceptance of friends and have them become outspoken advocates for your product. Commenting on popular profiles will get people coming to check you out. People on My Space love to share things with each other. If you have a unique video, funny picture or contest, you can post it on popular profiles and really spread your message. Once the word is out, its potential to spread is limitless. Question: What trends do you see in marketing on My Space? What do you see in the future of My Space? Answer: My Space has grown so fast due in large part to its success facilitating direct person to person interaction.

Whether it's sharing pictures, videos or content, people are moving away from disruptive media sources and embracing those that involve user generated content. You can expect to see more consumer created media begin to appear on profiles and anticipate more people willing to share it. In the near future people will not only research a particular product, but go to My Space to learn about the product's creator. Building relationships and connecting with others of like mind is what My Space is all about .

For savvy marketers, this means allowing the consumer to feel like they have a direct connection with you. Marketers who expose others to non interruptive sources of information will have the greatest success, as quality content becomes the accepted norm. Competition will intensify among traditional advertisers as the ad dollars spent on social networks approaches the billions. With its massive success My Space will branch out to being viewed via cell phones and expand to other countries like China and Japan. Most importantly, successful online marketing will transform to become continually viral. Instead of buying a product based on brand alone, consumers will seek out and follow the recommendations of others.

Marketers who have framed their message to be extraordinary will benefit from having it shared and heard worldwide. Question: What projects are you currently working on, and where do you plan to take your business from here? Answer: My future is focused primarily on helping other small business owners strategically place themselves in their market to stand out among the corporations without spending a fortune. The objective is to build resources that bridge the gap between consumers and marketers and generate customers who become outspoken supporters.

I plan on taking my business forward by concentrating on the most effective new forms of media. You'll hear a whole lot more of me as I venture into online video, audio products and viral promotions. My business plan incorporates a series of interconnected products all pursuing the goal of pushing the marketing boundaries to new limits.

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