Mary Kay MLM Home Business Review

A company that has been around for more than 45 years should be an MLM success story. And indeed, Mary Kay has been recognized and awarded for its achievements in direct sales. Selling a great product from a well-known might seem easy, but with MLM there is more to it than meets the eye. Most people agree that their products are high quality. But generating sales and making your business worth your time can be challenging.

It pays to investigate both how the company is set up and what makes its people succeed or fail before you decide to start out as an independent beauty consultant. The Ideal Presented Flexibility, income, and rewards—these are some of the major benefits the company advertises to prospective independent beauty consultants. The commission is 50% for products that you sell at full price.

Commissions increase once you become a sales director with consultants under you. Thus the three basic levels that the company outlines are independent consultants (beginning level), independent sales directors (second level), and independent national sales directors (top level). So what are some people so unhappy about? Many former consultants have complaints about how the company tends to operate.

In reality, it seems that only a small percentage of independent consultants manage to build a profitable business. Some of those who have exited blame the company's business tactics, though it could be that these women who left found they lacked the time and energy to make enough sales. Certain ex-consultants complain that they were pressured to buy large inventories and that what they sold was not enough to offset their expenses. What has also rubbed people the wrong way is being targeted as a prospect by consultants desperate for a sale. Having a large inventory of products that the consultant was encouraged to go into debt would probably contribute to a consultant's desperation.

It has been argued that your chances of moving up the ladder are slim, though for the few that make it, there are well-known pink perks, those shiny vehicles being the most well-known. Those still considering becoming a consultant with an eye to advance up the ladder should get first hand accounts from people who have been and are involved in the business. As with any MLM business, you need to thoroughly discuss the opportunity with your potential mentor who would be your sales director.

Before you join, remember that you are in the driver's seat and can interview your future director. This choice that you have is an advantage over a traditional job, where the boss interviews you. Especially with all the unflattering things being said about Mary Kay directors, serious inquirers should seek the best directors to work with and not settle for someone who falls short. If you can find a director who is a woman of integrity, with experience in selling and building a profitable business, you may be on the right track. Still you will need to consider all the factors and assess your own abilities to decide if this opportunity will enable you to get the results you are seeking.

Jayne Manziel is a successful Entrepreneur coach and has helped hundred's of people build their business for over 20 years. Jayne devotes the time, energy, and effort into her team and mentors them to ensure their success. To learn more visit Jayne's Making Money Online website. Jayne is a proven leader and offers a Sales and Marketing Strategy for all of her team members in achieving financial success.


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