Maximise Profits With Your Own Affiliate Program

It's general knowledge that if you have your own product or service you can massively increase your profits by having your own successful affiliate program. The problem lies in the fact that most people just don't have their program set up in the right way resulting in a poor amount of traffic, and therefore sales, from their affiliates. In this article I'll show you some tricks and strategies that anyone with their own affiliate program should use in order to take their online business to the next level.

Encourage People To Sign Up Here's where a lot of people go wrong. They set up an affiliate program and have a links that says "click here to sign up" and then that's it. You really need to sell your affiliate program. For example, have a mini sales letter that explains the benefit of people signing up. Tell them their commissions and how they can earn a living without ever having to create a product or have a web site just by promoting your products.

Provide Affiliates With Marketing Materials Here's another mistake. Site owners get people to sign up their affiliate program and then just leave them to it. It's like they're saying "thanks for signing up, now go and make me some cash". That's ridiculous.

You need to do all the hard work for your affiliates if you want to start earning the big bucks. Provide your affiliate with email promotions, articles, press releases, pay per click ads,banner adverts and anything else you can create that will enable people to promote your site to the masses with as little work as possible. They will appreciate it, and work harder at promoting your site. Here's something to think about.

You could write an article and submit it to article directories all over the internet and do very well for yourself. However if you just had one hundred affiliates blasting that article all over the net you've just multiplied your marketing power by one hundred. This is the key to making massive mounts online. If you can't write articles etc yourself, and it's really not that difficult, hire someone to do so from www. but do provide your affiliates with marketing materials or you're just setting yourself up for having a very mediocre internet business Have An Affiliate Only Newsletter This is a great one. Have an email list of just your affiliates.

Each week send out a mini blueprint on how they can market your products an earn a commission. Inform them of any new products you've just launched or new marketing materials you've just added to your affiliates area. Another great method you can use with this is have a weekly competition.

Each week the affiliate who earns the most get's an extra one hundred dollars or whatever you can afford. Mention the winner in each weeks newsletter and say things like "who thinks they can overtake Joe Bloggs as being my top affiliate? Come on guys I know I've got some great marketers signed up as my affiliates prove it and I'll mention you in next weeks newsletter". This is great. Psychologically you are motivating your affiliates to promote your products like crazy to get recognition as being your "top gun". Often ego trips are just as motivating as money. Motivate Your Affiliates And Explode Your Profits This week I've been taking about what you need to do in order to earn a serious living online through having your own affiliate program.

Done properly this could earn you a serious amount of money. The methods in this weeks newsletter outline what you need to do to in order to overcome the three barriers of starting an affiliate program You need to: Persuade people to sign up Make it easy for them to market Motivate them to market fast and market hard. Do this and you'll be able to create a hugely successful affiliate program and you'll sell a truckload of your products without any real hard work or any costs. I assure you that if you just put one or two of these simple to implement strategies into place you will see a marked improvement on both your affiliate sign ups, and your affiliates actively marketing your products.

Just give it a go!.

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