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Yes! It is about Success University. Surprising! Or is it? Spare a minute and take a look! Oh, look at this! Just a few months back I was unwittingly enrolled into a program with a funny name by a close friend. SUCCESS UNIVERSITY! he called it. You may have heard about it certainly, he insisted.

Success University is the No.1 most cherished and most successful multilevel work-at-home marketing program on the internet, he intimated. But I personally was not convinced. Initially, at least! I had so many times in the past heard so much hype about how you could become a millionaire with nothing more than a laptop or computer screen. There are hundreds of people out there who will say you can get awfully rich with no effort at all.

No work or investment! Some will even entice you into trying pyramid schemes, get-rich-quick programs, or any other kinds of scam you can think of. And people actually buy them. At the slightest chance to make a quick buck, people will actually whip out their wallets and part with their lifetime savings.

I just couldn't be fooled and taken for a ride so easily anyway! It was not just the downright cheats and tricksters I had to watch out for always. Internet technology changes almost by the hour. Unless you had a sure means of making money on the Internet; by the time someone finished explaining to you how to make money on the Internet, the chances are their advice is completely out of date. I had for sure tried enough schemes and programs on the internet and had my fingers burnt out. I was not going to be fooled anymore this time round. After all I had a good job, with a good income to live on! So why on earth did I have to bother about money making schemes which, as far I was concerned, were simply a gamble into the unknown? But, then, wait a minute - I thought instantaneously! I was just only about six years to retire from my current employment and will automatically be losing my good earnings and all the benefits thereof.

What then happens after that? Had I ever stopped even once to think how I was going to fend for myself and my family beyond my retirement age? This is where the catch was! Well, I could expect to draw from my sizeable retirement benefits under the National Social Security Fund to which I was a subscriber for almost half my life. But, suppose I had another 30 - 40 years to leave after my retirement; would I still be surviving on my retirement benefits without putting my family's wellbeing, lifestyle, and happiness unnecessarily at risk? There was no magic wand. I reluctantly gave in to my friend and decided to be convinced. But where was I going to start? SUCCESS UNIVERSITY! The words kept on ringing in my ears. How could that change my life? My first thought was, "well, I don't know. but what did I have to lose if I gave my friend a chance and tried the scheme like he himself did?" The question nagged me for days.

I realized that my answer was almost all times "Nothing!" Then, suddenly, it started dawning on me that I was after all not quite fully living such a lucrative, comfortable life I had always desired for myself and my family. It was only a delusion! I wasn't any more prepared for retirement either. The job I had always thought was good and highly paying was in fact just as unfulfilling. And most of the things I should have wanted out of life for myself and my family were still passing me by. Trying to imagine myself in the same predicament many more years after my retirement scared me stiff. It was only then I realised I had to stop dreaming about other people's successes and start dreaming about my own.

It makes sense, doesn't it? I discovered the answer with Success University. While YOU also look for a viable opportunity to take control of your future. consider that: - Success University has been featured on Fox News.

- In just 18 months Success University's website became one of the top 1% of websites worldwide. - Success University is the fastest growing company in an industry Forbes Magazine hails "the biggest emerging trend of the decade." That sounds pretty exciting, but how about this? - I have ever since been earning money again and again and again for work I do only once. - I leverage the efforts of other people.

and get paid for work that they do! - With the automated 24/7 system that you're experiencing right now. building my business is often as simple as sending someone to a professionally designed website and letting the website do all of the work! Are you starting to see that you can make this work too?! YES! Dear friend, with every day that passes, it becomes more and more likely that you'll be in the same predicament years on from now. as you are in today. If you're happy with that. well, I don't have much to offer you. But, if you're not.

then you owe it to yourself to try something different. Something proven. Something than anyone - regardless of experience - can do and accomplish.

Just take heart and give Success University a chance to change your lot: And, re-read the section titled "Timing Is Critical" to find out why there's no better time to get started than right now! It's a no-brainer dear friend! All the best, Prof.

Sylvester Kajuna Success University Independent Distributor +255-787-147212 Copyright (c) 2008 Sylvester Kajuna.

It is only you who can make a difference in your own life and ensure your own financial security and happiness through Success University.Visit


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