Money problems and Synergistic Relationships

Last night, my friend, Jos told me that when African elephants stand along the bank of a river to drink water, they instinctively adopt a very considerate and practical approach. Those who stand upstream wait until last to drink. Those furthest downstream first drink, then wash themselves in the river, so that the mud doesn't affect the other elephants. Then the next one drinks, and so on, one by one, upstream. In this way, everyone gets clean, clear water to drink and bathe in.

Teamwork makes the dream work. Then Jos told me about deer on steep mountain trails here in British Columbia. Evidently, when a deer is about to pass another on a narrow, slippery and treacherous trail, the deer at the highest point stops and waits until the other deer has passed. This is to avoid slipping and pushing the other deer over the edge. Some small minded, egotistical business owners seem to relish the prospect of pushing their competition "over the edge", as it were! Smart entrepreneurs, on the other hand, realize that their competition can be their strongest allies.

Did you know that 20% of the revenues of large, Fortune 500 and International 2,000 companies come from Joint Ventures? And that a massive 50% of those Joint Ventures are with their competition? Amazing, but true. The best entrepreneurs create powerful, win/win strategic alliances and share resources, distribution and access. Wal-Mart established themselves in Mexico in a fraction of the normal time by joint venturing with an existing Mexican company. I once grew my revenues in one of the profit centers in my business from $4,000 to $20,000 in four days using a joint venture. It would have taken me four years on my own! Together, we can do amazing things. We don't have money problems; we have thinking problems.

Everything you need is already available when you create synergistic relationships, in any area of life ? not only business. Unity is strength. United we stand, divided we fall.

The key to success is linking up with the right people. We started the Dollar Makers Joint Venture Forum to link successful professional entrepreneurs, and it works magnificently. By being very selective and educating ourselves, we team up to reach our goals and create value, just like elephants and deer.

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