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The next problem is that most small online business owners usually have little money and not a lot of time to generate traffic and visitors to their site. Many of them spend 6-8 hours every day just trying to generate some traffic to their site, product or service. And, at the end of each month, because nothing they seem to try ever works very well, they find themselves no better off than they were the month before. It doesn't take them long to realize what a big waste of time doing it that way really is. What we want to share with you today is one of the 'smartest' ways to generate an unlimited number of visitors to almost any site. It doesn't matter whether you are promoting a product, a service, a business opportunity or a content site.

It doesn't matter how much your product costs . It doesn't even matter if you are promoting your own products or someone elses via an affiliate program. If you want to promote . need extra traffic or visitors . want to increase your sales and monthly income, while automating 98% of it all - then keep reading. And while we can't cover ALL the different methods here, we would like to reveal 3 or 4 that we have found to be extremely inexpensive, relatively untapped, that have huge potential in bringing qualified traffic to your website.

And, even more importantly . regardless of whether you want 10,000 or 1,000,000 visitors, they only take about 30 minutes to set in motion! Why would you pay a lead-generation company $3 to $5 or more PER lead when you can generate your own at a fraction of the cost? So now instead of spending your entire day and your entire bank account trying to generate traffic to your site, what we are about to reveal should have you spending your time on more important things - like developing new products, growing your business, golfing, or whatever else it is that you really want to do. Isn't that the whole point of having your own web business . so you can have more time and freedom to enjoy life and do as you wish? Wouldn't you agree, it's much better to spend 30 minutes or less on promotions, and to have the entire process automated? That's the difference between working SMART, and working HARD! You don't want to work HARD do you? The first thing we need you to know is that all website traffic is not created equal. There are plenty of sources out there and we can't speak for them all.

However, we do use the traffic methods we mention below to successfully generate traffic and qualified leads to our business. And, as well as ones not mentioned below, they continue to work successfully to promote these types of online businesses with consistant success: Business Opportunities Network Marketing/MLM Franchise Opportunties Work-at-home programs Credit Cards/Repair Personal Finance Insurance offers Investment sites Computers, Software, etc Education, Jobs/Career "Free Stuff", Coupons, etc Internet/Web Services Shopping, Gifts, etc Sports/Sporting Goods Travel, Cars, Outdoors Pets, Hobbies, etc Mens/Womens Health Dieting, Fitness, etc Cooking, Gardening, etc Home Improvement Online Casinos sites Joke and Humor sites Online Games, Chat, etc Music, Sports, Movies, etc Pets, Hobbies, etc The traffic generation methods we are talking about are Pop-Ups, Pop-Unders, Keyword Targeted Pop-Unders, Expired Domain Traffic, AUDIO is OK traffic, and the different targeting platforms that can make them even more effective in promoting your business. It is important to note that these traffic generation methods are NOT spam advertising. All websites these methods take place with, have opted in to allow this to happen, are payed well to do so, and, there are tens of thousands of them participating).

Let's start by taking a quick look at POP-UPS. I'm positive you've experienced "Pop-Ups" while surfing online. Pop-Ups are the irritating windows that suddenly "pop" out of nowhere, in front of what you were reading, interrupting what you are doing. We aren't going to spend a lot of time talking about Pop-Ups.

They tend to get a lot of bad press; most people have software installed and most ISPs have blocking devices in place to eliminate them these day, which makes them not as popular a means of generating traffic. Nevertheless, because they are usually slightly cheaper than the other methods, some people still buy them in large quantities and use them to pull a small, but converting quantity of traffic to their websites. We want to spend more time talking about the other 3 types of promotion methods today.

, and we will go next to the traffic method called Pop-Unders. POP-UNDERS - are pretty much what the name sounds like. The big difference between them and Pop-UPs is that Pop-Unders load **under** the current browser window. Because of that, they tend to not be as bothersome or interrupting to the web surfers as Pop-Ups. 99% of the time the web surfer doesn't even know the Pop-Under site is there until they move or close their main window, so they aren't in a "bad mood", from being interrupted, when they do see it. When you advertise your site with "Pop-Unders", your site is loaded behind another website that someone has just arrived at or left.

Once the person closes off that particular site they then see yours, hence the name "pop-under". This is obviously a very cost effective way to have your site seen by thousands or even millions of people. Obviously this type of advertising, as with most others has its pros and cons. The pro being people WILL see your site by the thousands and the cost is extremely low.

The con being most people will close the pop-under without bothering to browse your website. That is a fact you have to be aware of. You are NOT going to see conversion rates of 10% or anything like that . far from it.

However, you can make a small fortune even with a horrible conversion ratio. This form of traffic generation is so cost-effective that even if you only get 1 sale out of every 10,000 Pop-Unders you're still a head of the game! Let me say this another way, because this is the key and you really need to understand this. Quite truthfully, from a response ratio standpoint, Pop-Unders aren't choice #1, however, because they are so inexpensive, they can be one of the BEST ways to promote your site from an ROI (return on investment) standpoint, and that's what matters! Pop-Unders are quite a popular means of generating traffic, especially since they can be targeted by topic into almost any specific niche your website fits into.

For example, if you have a sports website, it can be targeted to "appear" behind sports websites. Or, if you have a casino site, it can be targeted to load behind casino websites. It's obvious that only the visitors who are actually interested in those topics, would be looking at that niche site in the first place, right? Here are some of the many categories that can be targeted: Advertising Media - Agriculture - Animals - Antiques - Arts - Associations - Astronomy - Auctions - Auto Rental - Autos - Babies - Bathroom - Beauty - Bicycles - Boats - Books - Bridal - Building - Business - Camping - Candles - Candy & Confectionery - Cellular Phones - Cellular Service - Career Counselling - Car Audio - Charity - Chatrooms - Christian - Cigarettes - Cigars - Childrens Products - Clip art - Clocks & Watches - Clothes - Collectibles - College - College Nightlife - College Students - Comics - Computer Advice - Computer Memory - Computer Peripherals - Computer Programming - Computer Related - Computer Software - Computer Virus - Consumer Electronics - Conventions - Cooking - Cosmetics & Perfume - Costumes & Uniforms - Crafts & Craft Making - Credit Cards - Dance - Debt Consolidation - Diet - Domain Names - Education - Employment - Entertainment - Exhibitions & Conventions - Eye Care - Fabrics - Family - Farming - Fashion - Fashion for Men - Fashion for Women - Finance - Fishing - Fitness - Flights - Flooring - Flowers - Food & Beverage - Free Stuff - Friends & People - Furniture - Games - Games for Consoles - Games for PC - Gardening - Genealogy - Geography - Gifts - Golf - Government - Hair - Handbags - Health - Health for Men - Health for Women - High Tech - Home Business - Home Electronics - Horoscopes & Astrology - Horses - Hotels - Humour & Fun - Income Opportunities - Industry - Information - Insurance & Banking - Internet Services - Investment - Jewellery - Jobs & Career Counselling - Kids Activities - Kitchen - Language - Law & Law Enforcement - Liquor & Alcohol - Loans - Magazines - Maps - Marketing for Internet - Marketing non-Internet - Media - Miscellaneous - MLM - Money Making - Mortgages - Motorcycles - Movies & Films - Music/MP3 - Musical Instruments - Nature & Animals - News - Office Supplies - Organizations - Personal Advice - Personal Computers - Personal Homepage - Pest Control - Pets - Photography - Posters - Printers & Supplies - Property (Commercial) - Property (Residential) - Real Estate - Religion - Safety & Security - Sales - Science - Seniors & Retirement - Services - Shoes & Foot Products - Shopping - Skateboards - Smoking & Tobacco Products - Software - Sports - Tax - Tea & Coffee - Telephones & Service - Television & Satellite TV - Tickets - Top Web Sites - Toys - Training - Transportation - Travel & Tourism - Trivia - Vitamins - Web Design - Web Hosting - Web Resources - Webmasters -Wedding/Marriage - Adult Casino - Adult Movies - Adult Toys - Gay - Live Webcams - Match Making/Dating - Paysites - Paysites Amateurs - Paysites Hardcore - Paysites Interracial - Paysites Softcore - Paysites Teens - Penis Enlargement - Shopping - TGP - Untargeted Adult - Webmasters - Adult Casino - Free Games - Horse & Dog Racing - Premium Casino - Sports Betting - Untargeted Gambling. There are some limitations to using POP-traffic that you should be aware of.

You will find that most traffic resellers state these limitations in their Terms and Conditions; in clear view on their websites: No other window of any type can be spawned internal or external of the target URL. The sites you submit may not contain any pop window (i.e exit pages, java pops, pop-ins, fly-ins, pop-unders, etc.).

No redirectors, scripts that change the home page settings, message boxes, download boxes, are NOT allowed no hate/illegal/adult--All PG rated content. No warez, virus, trojan, auto-downloads, framebreakers, or browser-altering allowed. NO SOUND/NOISE on the page you are targeting. Before they start a campaign for you, they thoroughly check to see if any of these "traps" are on the site, and they do refuse service to any sites they determine are inappropriate for their network.

Now while banning the presence of most of these "traps" listed above are valid, the NO sound/noise and the NO pop-up/under limitations that most traffic resellers enforce do stop A LOT of website businesses from using POP-traffic. Now there's a solution. AUDIO is OKAY! is a **new** mainstream form of traffic that ALLOWS you to have audio/sound and/or 1 Pop-Up or Pop-Under on your website's front page. What this means is that a lot of website businesses that have state-of-the-art movies, talking, or music presentations that start automatically on their front webpages, can now buy and use POP-traffic to generate visitors! This is new and this is in demand! Website promotion specialists can use POP-traffic to expose your business to millions of users with the most cost effective packages. They can deliver guaranteed visitors directly to your website 24/7. Whether you are looking to establish a presence on the Internet, or are just interested in branding your site, they can be your very own online advertising solution.

The Traffic Portal offers Guaranteed traffic packs supplying raw, 12/24 hr unique or 100% unique. True wholesale pricing supports any business or budget. Look for *SPECIAL OFFERS* i.e.: 1 million visitor traffic packs at budget prices!


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