Online Paid Surveys Are Fun

Making money with online surveys has been around for quite a few years now and it keeps becoming more profitable every year. Why? Because it is fun, easy and very profitable to take online surveys in your spare time. Online survey taking has become the favorite profitable pastime for people all over the world and of all ages.

People from Australia, the Philippines, Russia, the U.S., Canada and all over Europe are finding out how to profit from online surveys.

What better way to spend a little bit of your free time? We can all use a bit of extra cash and free online surveys are a great way to increase your income while having fun. Completing the online surveys is so easy too. All you need is a computer, an internet connection and an opinion. You obviously have the first two if you're reading this and everyone has an opinion. Surveys can be presented in different ways. Some are like multiple choice questions and others will ask you to write a short (2-3 sentence) paragraph about an advertisement or existing product.

The topics and questions are always different so you won't get bored. And it's really fun to see a product come out several months after you've completed a survey about it. Wow! Maybe you made a difference in that product through your opinion.

Besides product surveys there are also movie trailers that you can get paid to watch. Movie companies want to know what is most appealing about a movie before they release it and they will pay you anywhere from $4 to $25 to watch short clips of new movies and give them your opinion. This helps the movie companies advertise their new movies and it helps you by putting money in your pocket. Plus you get to see parts of movies before they are released of even advertised.

Previewing movie trailers is a really great way to make money in my opinion. In general the online surveys take just 5-10 minutes each to complete. You may find surveys that take longer, but the longer the survey is the better it will pay. After you've developed a bit of a track record the survey companies may even contact you for telephone surveys. These are generally 60-90 minutes long and they pay up to $250. The times I have been chosen for telephone surveys were educational, entertaining and very profitable.

The interviewers I have spoken with have kept the tone very light and the time spent on these surveys goes very quickly. And you really can't beat the money. You may be curious to know how and why the survey companies are willing to pay so well for something that is so easy and so much fun. The fact is that companies rely on feedback from consumers like you and me to create new products and improve on their existing products. Your opinions may help drive their marketing strategies, change the way products and services are delivered or help with brand recognition. All of this is quite important to the companies that hire market research companies and they pay them very well to collect this information.

This allows market researchers to pay survey takers for their opinions and their time. The market research companies want to keep you as a survey taker and they put a lot of effort into making their surveys enjoyable and rewarding. They want you to sign up with them and continue to take surveys. Your opinions are how they make their money too. And they will continue to pay for your time and opinion to keep you coming back. The market research companies need you and they will continually improve on the surveys and rewards they offer to keep you as a survey taker.

You are very important to them. You will very likely see ads promising up to $150 an hour to take online surveys, but this is just hype and all these sites want is your money or your email address. In general, online surveys do not pay $150 an hour, but they do pay quite well even so and you can create a very nice monthly income from them.

And it is definitely more fun! Some people even make a living from taking online surveys and participating in focus groups. Taking online surveys is an easy job and a fun one as well. Anyone can do it, the survey companies even take people as young as 13 and from all countries around the world. You can make money and get great free stuff in your spare time from anywhere in the world.

You can do this in the morning, at lunch or after work, even during work if you are so lucky. In no time at all you can be making an extra income through online surveys.

You want to make extra money and we want to help. Paid Survey Success has the best free, no registration list of paying survey sites on the 'net. Have some fun and make some money.


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