Other Ways To Drive Traffic to Your Website

A Look at META Tags Another important aspect of your site that can make a difference in your site are meta tags. There are various types of meta tags, but the ones that are most important are the meta description and meta keywords tags. Let's take a look at the meta description tag, which will look like this: On most search engines, the words you enter will be what gets displayed on the results page as a description of the site. Whether or not you have a good meta description can make a big difference not only in your search engine ranking, but whether or not seekers decide to visit your site. Your meta description should be descriptive, alluring, and to the point. Now let's take a look at the meta keywords tag.

This tag looks like this: There are some important things you should know before creating your meta keywords tag. For one, your keywords should never exceed 500 characters. More than 500 characters can lower your ranking or even get you in hot water for spam. You also do not want to repeat the same keywords.

Keywords should be separated with commas, and be relevant to the content of your site. All About Content Now let us talk a bit about site content. It's crucial that your site contains quality content that's not duplicated elsewhere.

Search engines are becoming wise to duplicate content, and sites that contain it do not receive good rankings. There are several reasons why duplicate content can occur, and one of them has to do with PLR articles, or Private Label Rights articles. PLR articles are articles that are normally sold in packages, sometimes through a subscription service.

The problem with these articles is that so many different webmasters have access to them. If you find yourself using PLR articles to create your site's content, it's crucial that you rewrite the articles to make them unique. You might have seen those sites that offer free articles for use on your site. This may sound appealing, but it usually does more harm than good, because of the duplicate content issue. Most of the time, you are not allowed to change the content of these articles, making it impossible to avoid having duplicate content. These free article sites do have some benefits, however, which we'll discuss later.

On the topic of content, it cannot be stressed enough that quality content is key to good traffic. Search engines look for sites whose content is unique, of high quality, and added on a regular basis. If you're unable to add pages of content to your site each day, consider hiring a professional writer to do it for you.

Good content is truly one of the most important aspects of optimizing your site for search engines and getting the traffic you desire. Plus, visitors are more likely to bookmark your site and return to it regularly if they know that the content is updated often. You'll want to check your site thoroughly before submitting it to search engines to ensure that you have no broken links, one of the most detrimental factors to a site's ranking and popularity. You'll see on some sites that webmasters have a link where visitors can report broken links if they come across them. Another important aspect of SEO is having a sitemap.

Your sitemap page should be linked from every page of your site. In this sitemap, it should be easy to access the pages of your site. Sites that contain detailed sitemaps are normally seen as more favorable by search engines than those that do not. When you implement these ideas into your site optimization plan, you will see results over time.

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