Press Release Marketing How It Can Revolutionize Your Online Business

Why is it that most people still underrate the power and effectiveness of press release marketing, when we know that many celebrities and Hollywood stars have used it considerably to build their careers and incredible brand awareness if you want to look at them as "products". However it is also true that to be successful with press release marketing you will need to be in that unique position where you clearly understand how to use this marketing tool. Sending out just any press release to any list of media, will just not cut it. You need to know what the media is looking for and in this case what web sites and blogs really need even when they are hungry for regular content. Sites Are Hungry For Content, Take Advantage Of It One of the reasons why celebrities and Hollywood stars have been so successful with press releases and press release marketing is because the media has always been hungry for any information they can get their hands on concerning these celebrities.

A simple press release about the eating habits of a star tends to get unbelievable attention from virtually every single media. This is a public relations practitioners dream come true. The situation is almost the same online today where sites are hungry for useful information and content that is relevant for their site and yet do not have the time and resources to research and generate it constantly. So all one needs to do is to slant their press release or web release to suit each of the different groups of sites that are on their media list. There is also another advantage that online PR practitioners enjoy.

In the bricks and mortar world the media literally drowns in press releases. For websites this is not the case because very few people use press releases for their marketing. The truth is that many are yet to discover it. With the rise of high traffic blogs, the situation has gotten even better for those who want to use online press release marketing. Blogs are rapidly becoming a serious threat to traditional media like newspapers and weekly magazines and search engines love them because they are usually packed with content and the result is that you will find blogs at the top of many search results when using leading search engines like Google. This has guaranteed many blogs an enormous amount of traffic coming in through the search engines.

This high traffic has made them an excellent place to have press releases posted or written about. Online, Press Releases Will Result In Hundreds of Free One Way Links One of the tremendous benefits of sending out press releases is that when people write about them on their sites, they usually include links directly pointing to back to your site. So if you have a media list about 2,000 or so, every time you send out a press release you are assured of hundreds of links possibly over 1,000 at a time.

The SEO value of this is tremendous, but that's not all. Each link will also dutifully generate tremendous traffic for your site. So apart from playing it's traditional role of building and enhancing image, online the press release is also an extremely powerful weapon for building links for search engine optimization as well as enhancing traffic generation tremendously Press Release marketing has numerous advantages which every business should take advantage of.

The fact that not many people know about the power of this marketing tool, especially online should be taken full advantage of. It is also an inexpensive way of marketing and being able to reach a huge audience within a very short time. But the benefits do not stop there. There is the huge traffic potential because mos who use your press release will link back to your site. The result is that a single carefully distributed press release can get a site thousands of one way back links pointing to it and lots of traffic almost immediately as people click through on the links.

There is no reason why press release marketing will not completely revolutionize your web business and bring you to new levels of traffic that you probably never dreamy possible.

Terry Detty, 42 years old, finds internet marketing his passion. In addition to marketing he enjoys reading, and occasionally goes out for a short walk. Gain web exposure with press release services and increase web traffic with one way links. These are well effective website promotion tools.


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