Quixtar was founded in 1999 and is now run by the same company that owns Amway. In North America you can only join Quixtar through the referral of an already established member known as an IBO (Independent Business Owner). The way that Quixtar operates is that every IBO has access to selling Quixtar products through the Quixtar website.

As an IBO you are encouraged to purchase as many Quixtar products as you can and at the same time recruit more IBOs. The way this works is that your referrer gets a percentage or a commission from the products you purchase from Quixtar. Likewise you will get a commission from the purchases of all your IBOs. According to Quixtar your commission percentage depends on your IBO level within the company.

So, in theory, the more people you recruit the higher your level gets and the more commission you get. There are several problems with this business model that your Quixtar rep won't tell you about. Quixtar wants you to rely on one-on-one communication and word of mouth advertising.

Quixtar even has severe limits on your freedom to advertise your website online, a resource that they will not let you use properly. In this day of e-mail, drive through any things, and internet ready cell phones who has time to listen to you talk about vitamins, or whatever you're selling, for hours. You also need to realize that your entire income depends on how much stuff the people in your down-line are going to purchase. Since Quixtar products are priced right around retail your income from Quixter is not going to support you and your family unless you can convince your down-line people into buying all their goods from Quixtar. Now you have a situation where you're not allowed to properly advertise on the internet and a need for people to purchase Quixtar products daily.

Quixtar also likes to reassert its credibility by pointing out all the name brand companies that it's partnered with. The thing is that large corporations don't care who is selling for them as long as they are moving product. They are the ones making the money not you. I really don't think you are going to be able to make any real amount of money with Quixtar no matter what their sales pitch tries to tell you. If you want to make money on-line I'm sure you can find another way to make more money.

Does Quixtar live up to it's hype? Find out how it's supposed to work. Get a business owners opinion.


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