Robert Allen

Robert Allen, I`m not even going to waste my time giving you a list of reasons why you Should Not fall for this guys line. Instead I`m going to save you the time and trouble of looking for reviews about this guy yourself by quoting you some that I have found. This from, S Pabari from Brisbane Australia "I attended his seminar in Sydney Australia in 2004, claimed the refund as I found it not in line with his promises. 8 months later, I am still chasing him for a refund. Bottom line - the books are probably better value.

It is a lot of money to spend for fluffy stuff. When he speaks about his integrity, but avoids a mere $4000 refund, despite putting it in writing - speaks everything for the man." Mike Crown from Chicago, IL. Had this to say, "I took Mr Allen's course to the tune of $5,000 when I was employed and wanted to make a job change. Since then alot has happened.

Mr Allen who markets himself through Dynatech Corporation knows very little of real estate as do the folks at Dynatech. Robert Allen should be ashamed but as they say he ain't got no shame but just keeps on stealing. A good real estate course should have value for the price that you pay. You should be able to reasonably get back your investment within a reasonable time frame.

His executive mentorship program at 3k was a bust. The people knew nothing of physically doing rehabs but instead said hire it all out. The mentors never actually went out there and worked on rehab properties.

Mentorship is the big buzz word now from everyone wanting to take others money. When you try to network with other Robert Allen grads, from Chicago he strictly forbids it and does not want you to network which is the best way to get ahead in real estate. He wants to be the gate keeper of all intel out of his little domain. Enough said! I will stay clear of Robert Allen" This from Jeannie M. D' from San Carlos, California.

"My problem with the RAI program that I recently attended was the disconnect between what was said at the initial seminar and what was delivered in terms of the boxed materials received and the content in the 3 day seminar. (Cost: 2995.) The "exclusive" information promised to the RAI attendees was only available by plunking down an additional payment in the amount of another 3995. The information re: contracts truly scared me it was so simplified; we were told just pay your attny 5000 if that makes you learn contracts better! As for the information at this weekend I was informed that there was no proprietary information that this was all public information!" Laurel Nicolosi from Ft.

Lauderdale, FL wrote, I had heard of Robert Allen and read some of his previous stuff and heard of him and his "any city" promotions on TV, so when I saw his $39.95 book on the internet, I decided to buy it. That in itself was probably worth the money, but the thing that I regret now is writing the company with my "vision" of what I wanted to do in real estate with my husband, because they jumped on that and suckered me into a $5,000+ mentoring program (that they got me to put on my credit cards that I had JUST paid off.). They gave me, for all that money, 10 mentoring phone calls with an investor that lived in Utah (and knew nothing about the S.

Florida market), 3 binders full of info and blank contracts, as well as on CD, and a promise to help us incorporate and (at an additional fee) tax program which I still have not used because we have not had enough money to incorporate yet. There is also a hotline you can call with questions, but all of this is of course through a "mentoring" company that RA is partnered with and not with RA himself. Do you think all this is worth $5,000? I certainly feel ripped off and although I learned some things, I do not think it justified the price tag." If this doesn`t keep you from buying into Mr. Allen`s get rich quick program then just send the money to me. I promise I will not ask for anymore money for any reason.

You do have to realise though that at no time will I promise you will make any money for the money you send me. Hey, at least I`m being honest about it which is more than I can say about the Robert Allen programs.

Almost impossible to get a refund. You can not network with other graduates of his program. Robert Allen does not know as much about real estate as he claims.


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