Second Salary for Teachers

You work hard at your job doing a wonderful task -- educating the future of our country and world. Wouldn't it be wonderful if teachers were compensated like star athletes? After all, what is more important? Teaching children or playing basketball in front of 20,000 people. There certainly might be more entertainment value in the basketball game but the real importance lies in the classroom.

Do you know any teachers who would like to be independently financially secure? What if a teacher could teach because he or she loved teaching, not in order to get a paycheck? Think about the freedom it would give to be able to know that all of your monthly bills were paid for every month, whether you received your teaching paycheck or not. Imagine not having to worry about whether the School Board approved another pay raise or not. Unfortunately, our financial educations are not as developed as they might be. Most of us go get a job to work for many, many years and save money so that we will be able to live on that money after we stop working. Very few of us though start saving a hundred dollars a month while still in high school and increase it slightly as time went on so that by 45, there was enough saved to actually live on without having to work for a paycheck. Do you know anyone who wants to own their own life? Do you know anyone who would like to be able to retire in one to three years from now without having to save thousands of dollars every month? Let's talk about retirement for a moment.

How much would it take in savings to provide a monthly check of $5,000 per month. $5,000 per month is a gross salary of $60,000 per year. If a savings account were to pay 5% interest (and few are near that today), one would have to have $1,200,000 in cash in the savings account to take out that much money, just taking the interest earned. That money would have to be accumulated in savings after you had paid your house note, your car note, utilities, insurance, and all of your other monthly expenses.

That necessity is a rather daunting requirement while still trying to enjoy life. Worse, salary income only comes from trading hours for dollars. If one cannot work, the income stops.

You are at risk every day when you drive a car or do any of the many life activities that we do every day. While there is insurance for disability, it does not provide the same level of security that a second stream of income would provide. The potential is there to create a second income stream, particularly with the talent that teachers have ? how to teach.

The key to that income is learning a system and then being able to teach others how to follow the system and teach others to do the same.

Jim Montgomery is a business owner and law firm owner in San Antonio, Texas. He helps people develop exit strategies through their own business to get what they want from life. For detailed free information, visit this site


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