So Is There a Pathway to High Conversion Rates

The pathway to improved Conversion Rates (turning your visitors into customers) is straight forward. It can be boiled down to a few very manageable steps. However most people turn these few manageable steps and turn them into the amazing race. Reach targeted traffic in a credible fashion.

Most surfers are looking for information and solutions. Problem is they usually don't know exactly who or what can provide it. What do they do? Well, they rely on Search Engines to source possibilities that are worth their effort to visit.

It's through the Search Engines that you need to reach your visitors. This means that the Search Engines link to your site has to be visible and easy to access. Most surfers won't scroll past the first 10-20 listings on a Search Engine's search results page.

Secondly, the description about your site must be interesting and credible enough to warrant a visit. Free-For-All Sites are a great example of how not to reach people. For the most part, they have become so seamy and useless that, regardless of what you say, you're doomed from the start. Your credibility takes a huge hit with Free-For-All Sites. Compare this with how smart and open-minded your visitor feels when she finds you via a Search Engine. She wants to read your information! Write content that has your potential customer/client's best interests at heart.

Meet their needs. Fulfill their wishes. Provide a solution. In other words, PREsell.

rather than sell. I often write about PREselling and so do most of the big guns on the net. PREselling is the key to success in business on the Net as it is in a traditional business. People walk into McDonald's billions of times because they are already sold about the fact that they want a two all beef patty, special sauce, lettuce cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun. Well I can write it now I have to try to say it real fast.

Finally, recommend visitors to your income-generating source but only after they come to respect and like you. The key is to develop great content that leads to the click. Valuable Content = Credible Recommendation = Turned ON customer = High Conversions which all equals to another Rich Internet Marketer. It's important to not push your visitors to the click, make them want to click through. It makes all the difference if your visitors feel that it's their idea to give you money and not something that you tricked them into.

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