Steps on How To Use Audio on Your Website

In the past, audio was typically used on websites as background music to increase the "WOW!" factor, but it didn't really help in communicating with customers. These days it's a different story. With broadband becoming ubiquitous and streaming audio technologies getting more advanced, you can now easily convey spoken word over the web. Well crafted audio messages can help you add a personal touch to your website which will make customers feel closer to you.

The presence of your voice welcoming customers, answering questions, or describing the benefits associated with your product or service can boost customer confidence in ways that text and images alone can't. Most people have computers capable of playing streaming audio and will find it a refreshing change from boring text. Increased use of the internet along with improved technology now make it easy for you to add streaming audio to your website and create that personal bond with your customers. Reasons Why You Should Have Audio on Your Site 1. Customers remember what they hear more than what they read.

Did you know that people remember only 20% of what they read while they remember an astonishing 70% of what they hear? That's three and a half times more! Your audio message will help you to stick into the minds of your customers longer. 2. Audio boosts your credibility. The sound of your voice adds personality to your website and helps customers identify with you. Customers buy from people who they feel they know and trust, and using audio can help you achieve this.

3. Audio keeps customers on your site longer. Audio can keep customers on your site longer and you give you more time to make the sale.

It can be used as an additional resource or tool for customers to familiarize themselves with your product or service while browsing your site. 4. Audio increases your subscription rate. Using a personal audio message to get customers to sign up for your newsletter can raise subscription levels by up to 400% more than using traditional subscription marketing techniques. You can also use audio as a part of an online course that people can subscribe to.

The lesson that includes an audio in our free online meditation course gets opened most, leads to the largest number of sales and receives the best feedback. 5. Audio enhances newsletters, ezines and blogs - which leads to profits. You can spice up your newsletter, ezine or blog by using audio to provide special tips or product updates that keep customers interested and motivated to buy.

6. Audio puts you light years ahead of your competitors. Using audio successfully on your site gives you a competitive advantage. Most internet businesses overlook using this effective marketing tool so be sure you're not one of them! 7. Audio is easy to use. Being able to put audio on your website isn't limited to just techies - anyone can do it! Many of the programs available don't even require you to know HTML or flash.

They're designed to be user friendly so you shouldn't have any problems taking your website to the next level. 8. Audio is cheap. You can add audio to your site for as little as $19.95. More advanced audio solutions will only cost you around $97 - a small price to pay considering the many benefits it provides to your website and your customers.

In short, audio gives you an edge over your competitors and allows you to build a personal bond with your customers in a way that's not possible with traditional websites. When customers feel they know you and can identify with you, they will be more likely to buy from you.

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