Steps To Magnetically Building A Downline

This is the new age of network marketing. The prospecting techniques your upline taught you are outdated and never work. Never make calls to friends a family, burn those genealogy lists, dump those flyers in the garbage, and harness the power of the internet to get people contacting you. Here you will learn the Attraction marketing techniques that get prospects groveling at the feet of "gurus" just to join their downline.

Lets face it, buying leads and calling them is DEADLY! It kills your business, your image, and your cashflow. These techniques will help you develop hot leads that expect your call, or may even call you first. Welcome to the era of "Magnetic Sponsoring" as Mike dillard calls it.

These techniques popularized by Mike and others such as Ann Sieg and Mike Klinger, show you how to attract people to you. Fact number 1, attraction is a feeling, not a choice. As you grow in experience and success, prospects are naturally attracted to you in order to learn because just the effect of being related to you. This is the same effect a rockstar has on it's posse or fans, also why a JV partnership with a big name guru can rake in thousands.

Ever see two names in the header of a website, that is usually a JV, all the big names use them for profit, as well as list building. Second fact, you need to brand yourself. Open a new tab and in it go to Google search. Type in your name, are there any results. Usually there are, for more famous people with the same name. If you don't know everything its okay, but you need to brand yourself as an expert in some aspect of you field.

Truth is, even if you know very little, you can be an expert in a field compared to a complete newbie. What I suggest you do is purchase a domain name of your name, maybe even attach a blog to it. This way when people search your name in the SE's, they can find out more about your accomplishments. Every real internet marketer has a mailing list, this is fact number 3.

Some people like Mike Dillard have ones of over 150,000 people, others like Rachel Long have over 850,000 people, smaller marketers may just have a list of 1000, but at least its a start. It isn't just a nice optin page and the size of your list that matters, the biggest hurdle is developing a relationship with your list. As your subscribers see you as more and more of an expert, they will be more inclined to join or buy whatever you recommend. Fact number 4, quality over quantity, who wants to read your 52 week newsletter and hear the same old news every other week. Good e-mail campaigns can be as short as 7 weeks.

Time is precious, don't waste people's time with "fluff" newsletters. Great examples of newsletters are Mike Dillard, Stephen Pierce, and Costa Dedes, just to name a few. 5th Fact, people love free stuff. I include special free gifts for my list every now and then. Constant interaction is important even after the initial series.

Check out the free program "Open Office Writer" which is free and can be used to make your own pdf documents. Write a few on topics you know well and give them away to your list. Ian Del Carmen offers bonuses to anyone who orders products from his affiliate links, it greatly increases sales, I have even cancelled previous orders just to order with him. I can guarantee that these techniques will increase downline and mailing list retention, while also brining in new streams of profit. Why can I guarantee this, well I am a living product of Magnetic Sponsoring and Attraction Marketing techniques.

Let the results speak for themselves, try these easy techniques for yourself.

The "Magnetic Marketer" Sylvan Noel find out more at


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