Successful Development of Network Marketing Systems

Systemizing is the key to network marketing, and you can't make it on your own, people are required for ultimate success. Although there no hard and fast rule or any magic formula that I can suggest, because any system you decide to create will differ from company to company, you can develop your own turn-key system within your organization. What this means is this kind of system is designed with the team in mind where you and all your downline all FOLLOW THE SAME SYSTEM as a general outline. Everybody needs to head in the same direction as a team and a single minded focus on achieving the team objective is crucial.

Here are some guidelines I can suggest to you: - Hold local training sessions besides the company's training sessions online or offline with all your team members - Educate all the team members about proper cash flow guidelines when building the business. Give everyone free material to review. - Everyone decide how much effort must be put in, for example, a weekly or monthly target volume to achieve.

- Training sessions on how to use online systems that generate leads or using affiliate websites (if your company sponsors one). You may even work together to create your own team website. - Buddy system to minimize prospecting costs (like driving to the meetings together or prospecting together) - Brainstorming ideas on other ways to save costs (for example: joining a phone plan together as mentioned above) The key point to remember is this: Everyone must focus on following the same system in your team! It is crucial for duplication. Can you imagine 100 people all going in their own direction? It could be the ingredients for a catastrphie. Your goal in the highest sense here, is to train your team to create highly trained downlines who are generating their own "Money Making" business, and helping their downlines do the same in a leveraged way. Because in the end of the day, how good your turn-key system turns out reflects heavily on you through the success of your downlines.

Ask yourself this, why would you recruit 10 to 20 people one week, only to find 90 percent of them dropped out the following week? If attrition is very high in your network, it is even more so to create a system for your downline. Let me make a summary of the principles of network marketing success: 1) Cash flow is more important than revenue ( 2) Cash today means more leads, more posture, more education and hence: MORE DOWNLINE 3) Expenses can be minimized. Spend only on what you really need for your business 4) Make sure your downline succeed. When you help them make money, they will help YOU make money! Some network marketing building journeys can be long and trying, however if you keep in mind the "WHEN" it will happen for you, you'll realize that it's the "HOW" that will get you there and "WHY" you're helping people to do the same and seeing them succeed also. Never finish the network marketing race alone without your downline.

Good luck, and see you at the top!.

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