The Shock Tactic Marketing Secret

The concept of marketing your business to increase sales and profits will is a lie created by evil people who want your money! Nah, not really but that sure got your attention didn't it? You are about to learn just how to apply this tactic with some real-world examples. I'm sure you've heard the term "shock value" before. Well that's what this marketing tactic is all about. Shocking your readers or customers. Some folks will use foul language to shock their readers.

Some will use incredible stories. And still others will tell them how they have made huge mistakes. Shock value in marketing has long had a place in Marketing and Advertising and yet most people don't use it, no matter how aggressive their competition is with their marketing. The reality is that businesses, whether online or offline can inevitably benefit if they only apply just a little shock value into their marketing and advertising messages. Sadly, most business or rather their owners or marketing departments, are either too scared or not aggressive enough to grab their market by the throat and make them listen.

How many times have you heard or seen these: *Warning* *Don't Be an Idiot Like Me* *I Was A Loser Until I. . .* *Your Methods Of Making Money Suck!* *If You Don't Want X-Y-Z Then Leave This Page Now* *Stop Being An Asshole And Command More Respecct* *20 Time Moron Finally Gets It Right* *Dumb-Ass Makes Six Figures A Year* Or something similar. Those get your attention don't they? Sure they do! And that's why they get used. They suck you in and make you want to keep reading.

Let's be honest here. If you can't do a simple thing like generate more interest in what you're selling, then you won't make any money. Simple as that. People, despite what they might say, want to be successful at one thing or another in life.

And they want to be the best at it. If they feel they can better their own lives through your tragedy all the better. That's one less person they have to compete with! Plus, they won't feel stupid by making that same mistake. Even better. Use this tactic sparingly though.

Too much can turn off your prospects and have them hunting for their answers some where else. Just as this article shocked you with a little vulgarity and put you in a slight state of disbelief at what you were reading, too much vulgarity can turn your prospects off and totally defeat the purpose of using this marketing tactic to begin with. Remember if you put someone in a total state of shock, your chances of getting them to react to your message will go in vain. The key to using the "shock tactic" strategy is to use it in moderation and just enough to get the job done and no more. "A little goes a long way" as the saying goes.

The shock tactic can be used more subtly as well. For example, Seth Godin used the title, "All Marketers Are Liars" for his book whose audience was of course, marketers. You see the shock tactic doesn't have to be in poor taste but let your market dictate how much shock factor or how little shock factor you use. A heavily marketed to market may need something that is outrageously shocking, however a moderate or conservatively "marketed to" crowd may respond better to a more subtle apporach.

Bottom line is: Use proper judgement when applying the shock tactic in your marketing and know your market before you apply it.

Jo Han Mok is a #1 bestselling author and frequent featured speaker at Internet Marketing bootcamps and conferences. Visit his website for a simple step-by-step plan to profit online in 21 days or less!


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