The Shocking Truth Myths of MLM Email Lead Companies

Anyone starting a Multi-Level Marketing business or any type of home business will need a lead company to provide targeted prospects for your business. One thing you need to ask yourself is how they generate the leads. Good companies will generate potential contacts through a range of methods.

Today, lead generating companies use the internet along with telemarketing, ad campaigns, and direct mail campaigns. They will then use a software program to provide you with business opportunity leads that fit your business. I personally have been in network marketing business for over 10 years and know how deep the shark infested waters of bad lead companies that over promise and under deliver. There are 7 Myths about mlm email leads and the companies that provide these services that you should be aware of and avoid when choosing a lead company. Myth 1 "We will give you 50 FREE Leads to try out with no obligation" Many companies will offer you free leads to try out their service. First, the leads that you get are not very good, responsive, and often more than 72 hours old which means the leads are not "hot but "cold".

Secondly, and more importantly, when you sign up to get the free leads, you just became a lead. Myth 2 "We generate our own leads" This is false. 90% of lead companies do not generate their own leads but purchase their own.

They in turn resell them to you. These leads have been "turned" so to speak anywhere from 5-10 times. Your response rate will be significantly lower because of this important factor.

Myth 3 "Our leads are Targeted Leads to your home business specialty" One of the ways to "capture" a lead is to put up what we consider a "pop-up" window on a website that might be asking you if you want more information on a "credit card offer". Then that company turns to any lead company and sells it. Now if you have a home business and looking for people who are interested in starting a home business, you go to Lead Company A and buy some mlm email leads.

You will get leads from people who wanted information on credit card offers, not a home business. Is that targeted? What are your chances of converting a sale? Slim to none. Myth 4 "Our Leads are 24 Hours old or less and "fresh". 90% of leads sold are over 24 hours old if that fresh. The reason is modern technology, detailed work, time spent to gather the leads captured, and to upload them to you through an excel spreadsheet or other form of communication takes time.

Make sure you read all the details about how the company obtained the mlm email lead in the first place. Myth 5 "Leads were not offered an incentive". Lead companies will tell you this so that you don't think the lead was offered any payment or free gift for filling out a survey. Most lead companies fail to disclose this. Make sure you do the research and ask questions of the company before you purchase the leads.

Myth 6 "Leads are Company Specific" Many lead companies indicate to consumers that their mlm email leads are company specific. For example a website has a "popup" window if someone is interested in a earning money part time and they turn around and sell you the leads because they are interested in SFI (Six Figure Marketing) a popular home business opportunity on the internet. Does that mean its company specific? No where does it say that person who filled out the form and became a lead they were interested in that specific company. Myth 7 "Millions of people are looking for a home business" There are not millions of people looking for a home business. There are thousands everyday but not millions. If a lead company tells you that.

they are stretching the truth just a bit. Now that you know what NOT to look for: Here is a summary of how to be successful with your mlm email lead: 1. The quality of the lead source is only one factor.

important but not the only thing to consider. You as a contributor are just as important. You are the determiner of the real success with any lead source. That's why peoples experiences can vary so much. 2.

Success with leads is mostly about numbers, time, & "your" effort. Sufficient numbers, followed consistently over time (minimum of 3-6 months), & applying a disciplined method of follow-up emails will show results with most any lead source and a very good autoresponder. I use GetResponse to follow up with all of my leads. The best leads in the world are no good if you dont have a quality email series or a reliable autoresponder in place or a to follow up. 3. A quality generic lead source is a good thing (must be pre-qualified, 48 hrs old or less, non-shared, & exclusive to warrant quality label).

Company specific leads are even a better option. Generating quality leads yourself is the best way. Doing all 3 in unison is the best campaign you can have to be successful. Everything else is a waste.

In conclusion, using the techniques and advice described above, your mlm email lead campaign can bring the fruits of success, with a good follow-up program in place, a reliable autoresponder, personal perseverance, and avoiding the lead companies that offer more "fluff" and "flash" than real, fresh, responsive leads.

Jeff Casmer is an internet marketing consultant with sales over $25,000,000. For more info on lead generation: MLM Email Leads. Details on best lead source company and how they will help your conversion rate increase by over 50%.


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