Thematic Engine Optimization Search Unique and Effective SEO Technique

Search engine optimization, simply known as SEO, refers to an internet marketing technique. The objective in SEO is simple: build the website and optimize it in such a way that search engines will be able to index it under the correct keywords and that the website will appear at the top of the search results for relevant keywords. Through engine optimization, search engine traffic can be channeled to your website and web pages. Website optimization can be done in many ways. However, one engine search optimization technique varies from another in effectiveness. In other words, some SEO techniques are more effective than other website optimization techniques.

Traditional Website Optimization Technique Traditional SEO wisdom says that you have to optimize your web pages and content for certain keywords and that you must achieve a certain density level for such keywords. The keywords are chosen depending on the search volumes that these keywords have. To determine the keywords' search volumes, one usually uses the Google, Overture and even Wordtracker keyword suggestion tools. The higher the search volume for a certain keyword is, the better it is for keyword optimization purposes.

There is also the so-called long-tail engine optimization technique. In this case, the search volumes for keywords are still investigated. Then one chooses to optimize his or her website for keywords that have medium and low search volumes. This is done to avoid competition on the keywords that have very high search volumes, and to dominate the low- and medium-search keywords market. These engine search optimization techniques work, yes. However, they are still not as effective as you'd want them to be.

By using only these traditional SEO techniques, you cannot hope to instantly boost your rank on search engine results pages (SERP). Thematic Engine Optimization Search If you are going to engage an SEO firm to search engine optimize your web site, make sure that their range of SEO services include thematic optimization. Thematic optimization is the singularly most effective web optimization technique today. What is thematic optimization, though? Thematic optimization, simply speaking, is a mix of keyword optimization and keyword link building.

Keyword link building refers simply to using your keywords as the anchor text towards your sites' other pages, and using such keywords as anchor text for links that point back to your site. Keyword optimization, in the case of thematic optimization, does not follow traditional practices. Instead of choosing keywords based on search volumes, keywords are chosen for their linguistic significance. Just think of it this way.

If you have a website on real estate, traditional search engine optimization would dictate that you optimize your site for "real estate" and other high-search volume keywords like it. With the thematic approach, however, you will optimize your pages for relevant keywords - regardless of their search volumes - as long as in the end, your web page will undeniably be about real estate.

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