Three Ways to Automate Your Online Business

If there was a way to keep your online business running at all hours of the day, you'd jump on it right? But the high payroll costs and sleep deprivation just don't seem to be a good trade off for this always-ready business idea. Is there a way to automate your business so that you don't have to work at all hours of the night? By automating your online business, you can not only free up your days, but you can also increase your profits all around. Instead of having to make your customers wait for you to open, the website will be ready to greet them no matter where and when they are shopping.

Have Someone Else Do the Shipping One of the easiest ways to handling your online orders is to have someone else do the shipping for you. In the beginning of your online business, you might have thought that handling the packaging yourself allowed you to see that the order was indeed shipped and that it got to the post office on time. But as your orders grow, this becomes less and less reasonable for you to do. Not only will packaging take a longer time, but the actual travel time from your home to the mailing service can begin to add up. The answer to this problem is to have a warehouse supplier that can handle drop shipping.

What happens is that your orders get sent to this supplier as they are paid for and then they package the item and sent it directly to the customer. Instead of wasting time sending the item to you first and then to the customer, the middle step is taken out – everyone is happy. This quickens the process and allows you to focus on marketing and website changes instead of boxes, tape, and postage. Be sure to have a tracking system in place for the orders so that you can check to see when they will arrive to your customers and for the customers to track their orders as well.

Have Orders Processed Automatically Of course, to further speed up the process of your online business, your orders will need to be processed without your interaction. This is fairly simple to do as most merchant account providers can give you the tools to make these arrangements on your website. As the customer puts their information into the empty fields, this information will then be sent to the warehouse as well as to your computer, allowing you to track the progress of the order, but everything will be taken care of without your input. The only time you need to step in is when there is a problem with the order or there is information missing.

Try out your own system a few times with pretend orders to see how this works from the customer's point of view. Take Financial Information Quickly Customers are much happier when they can make their transactions quickly, so installing some sort of service to remember their financial information will help not only to automate the process, but also to encourage more sales. Have a way for your customers to sign up with your site when they place an order and then to save their credit card information.

With this system, they will simply need to fill their cart and log into their information to immediately process this order and their financial information. When you begin to automate your online business, you will want to make sure everything is working the way it should, but over time, this process adjustment will not only give you more time to focus on other things in your life, but it will also help customers receive their orders in a more timely fashion – and then they'll keep coming back.

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