Tips To Starting a Successful Home Based Ebay Business Today

Anyone from 8 to 80 can start a a Low Risk Low Cost Financially successful home based business today. According to recent Newspaper Articles over 30 Billion Dollars in Product are sold on eBay Each year. Unlike your standard brick and Mortar Business anyone with access to the internet can start an Online Home Based eBay business today. Here are 10 Tips to starting a Successful eBay Business 1 - Become an eBay Shopper Register and get yourself an eBay account. Do different searches and buy some items of interest. Pay for your winning Bids Promptly and get positive Feedback.

As an eBay Shopper see which ads get your attention and which ads don't. Be critical find at least 3 ways to improve each auction headline and auction listing. 2 - Register as an eBay Reseller Go to the eBay Web Page and Register as a Reseller.

Make sure you read and understand all terms and conditions in the user agreements. 3 - Take a Class about selling on eBay eBay Offers online Classes starting at $19.95 and up at eBayuniversity online. Go to eBay University and see if they have any upcoming live Seminars. There are also many excellent 3rd party live, Home based or online courses you can take to learn to be a successful eBay seller.

Check if any of your local colleges or universities offers a continuing education course on starting a successful eBay Business. 4 - Sell some Household Items on eBay for practice Find something around the house you no longer want to sell on eBay. A game your child outgrew, that dress you bought on sale and never wore, Some old jewelry, that pet rock you found in granny's attic. One man's junk is another man's Treasure. eBay is the garage sale for the 21st century Write a good ad with a headline and description.

Determine your target price and place the item up for sell. Did you get your target price. What could you have changed to receive a higher price. Sell 4 or 5 items until you feel comfortable with the whole process. Strive to always improve keep what works and change what doesn't.

5 - What to Sell on eBay Sell something you enjoy. If you enjoy what you are doing you more then likely will be more successful selling it on eBay. Sell what you know.

If you couldn't spot a Rolex from a Timex you don't want to be selling watches on eBay. 6 - Create Your eBay Ad Use Keyword rich text in your eBay ads so they will be picked up by search engines. Make sure your text is people Friendly and People Readable. Your Ad Headline should be rich with keywords and Grab their attention and make them want to read your Auction Ad. Your Ad Copy should be compelling to make them want to bid on your auction.

Don't be afraid to purchase a book on copywriting. Review ads and headlines of your competitors see what works and what doesn't (If they are getting bids for their eBay auctions it works.) 7 - Every eBay Ad needs Pictures You need Pictures with your eBay ad. If you are serious about selling on Ebay you will need a good Digital Camera, Don't skimp. A 5 Mega Pixel camera is Good a 6 or 7 Mega Pixal Camera is Better. All things being Equal between 2 Ads the one with the best pictures will get the Best Bids.

8 - Payment Options It is always best to have lot's of Payment Options, Paypal, Credit Cards, Money Orders. If 2 Auctions are the same the one with the most flexible payment options will get the best bids 9 - Shipping Make sure you pack your items well. Research the various shipping options and pricing and list them in your Auction, Don't forget to offer insurance as an Option and charge the actual cost.

10 - Feedback Always give your Buyers Feedback especially if it is positive. After you give positive feedback request positive feedback in return. Good Luck and Happy eBaying.

Mike Makler started Marketing Online in 2001 When he Built an Organization of over 100,000 Members Mike's Newsletter: Permission Based E_Mail Marketing Copyright ' 2007 Mike Makler


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