Traffic Exchanges and the Internet Marketer

Internet marketers know that they are in a competetive industry and that there are many avenues of approach for them to market their products or services. Which is the best? All have their positive and negatives. But one to consider, is the user of traffic exchanges.

A traffic exchange refers to the concept of a venue (the traffic exchange) where you are exchanging your visits to other member sites, for other members to view your sites. This helps to increase traffic to your own website and bringing in more traffic. A rather simple process, but effective one, especially for the internet marketer. There have been many traffic exchanges come and go over the past few years.

The long standing ones, are generally the most effective. They will tend to have a ground membership that is active, plus newer members signing up on a continual basis. Thus, generating more exposure for you. But what is the cost of traffic exchanges? Generally, they are free, and should be free. Members of traffic exchanges usually have to do a little "work", i.e.

surf other member's sites. In this vein of thinking they are "earning their keep" at the traffic exchange. Although this is nice in practice, can be a little over burdening, especially if time constraints are of a concern for you. The better traffic exchanges, will offer paid services, just to ease your marketing concerns. These paid memberships can be in the form of extra credits, better surfing ratios, banner displays, even email promotion.

All great advertising tactics for the savvy internet marketer. As previously mentioned, the traffic exchanges that have been around for a while (generally more than 2 years) are the most effective for advertising. Why? Well, its simple. These exchanges tend to be more professional and cater to the needs of their membership.

The "fly by night" exchanges and sometimes pop up, and then disappear only hurt the traffic exchange industry, and its members. Also, these exchanges, usually have a good core membership that are interesting in viewing new products or services, and can be new clients for your own internet endevors. I must reiterate also, that this can be free advertising, if you want to put a little effort into it. Being a free member of a traffic exchange refers to the vast majority of any exchange.

The more serious marketers will of course opt for the paid services of the exchange. But in fact, any free member can have great marketing success. One final point to mention is that there are two main type of traffic exchange: manaul surf and autosurf. The manual surf exchanges are very much more effective in advertising and promotion, simply due to the fact that your site will be seen by other manual surfers. Autosurf exchanges have their place, but its not usually for the marketing end of this, mainly because one cannot guarantee that someone is viewing your site. So, in general, if you are serious about internet marketing for your products and/or services .

take a look at the traffic exchanges out there, and especially the manual surf exchanges. You may discover an untapping resource for your advertising needs.

Angela Abbette writes for Hit Kingdom Traffic Exchange, ... one of the long standing traffic exchanges in the industry. Join Hit Kingdom today to find out more.


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