Using Static Articles And Article Sydication Sites

So You want traffic to your web site well I am going to give you some good advice or some may call this problem solving, your problem or mission is to get people to your website. Ok well thats easy I think there's more you want from those vistitors you may want them to buy something or click something like an adsense that will make you money, ah sounding better money for you. well I am going to show you how to do the first part and half of the second part in this article. How to get targeted traffic should be you question. Well on the Internet content is king but kings aren't always good kings so you want unique content. Writing article about the niche you are trying to promote is a good way to get your word around the Internet it will get you links to other people web sites which in turn will get you more traffic and those link will help you get a higher listing in the search engines.

wait there's more to be told you can't just throw an article together and start sending it out, you want the article to attract only a certain crowd and that crowd is people who want to buy or click your ads. so when you write tell them something juicy about there interest, get them wanting to learn more so they can't wait to have another helping (at your web site or newsletter of course) so here's how it works Brainstorm about the topic you want to write about (or you can always cheat if your lazy or good at it and get plr articles about your topic and customize them) Once You find A Topic you want to focus on answer a question or give a great resources on the subject then at the end give them something they can't resist or that will at least make them think (this offer should be made in the byline or about author box) if you can put it in the article go ahead but don't try to force your product on them. Then send it out using either article submitting software, a article submitting company, or you can do it yourself. Static articles have been working Great for many Internet enturpunears and even offline business's because you are giving good content but also getting your product or service out there. Articles mixed with autoresponders are a great technique that works around the clock for you and your business.

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