Vertical Search Marketing OR Niche marketing

Vertical search Marketing also known as the niche marketing is the next big thing in SEO, as by now every webmaster tries to target the main or high traffic keywords for their websites, leaving apart the low traffic keywords but VSM says that you should target low traffic keywords first and then the high traffic keywords. Let's take an example that how these things will actually get settled, suppose I own a SEO or Web Design Company in Las Vegas and I have a website related with this, then I will start my website's initial promotion with the keywords like Las Vegas seo or web design Las Vegas and concentrate on these low traffic keywords rather than going straight for relatively high volume keywords like Nevada seo or web design Nevada or seo usa or even more high traffic keywords like seo & web design. Target those keywords first that are easy to capture and competition in those keywords is relatively low. The concept of vertical search marketing came from vertical search engines, these search engines are specifically designed for country, state or city and industry specific products, services or information, thus saving your search time. Some of the leading search engines on the internet like the Google, Yahoo, Rediff etc., use the crawlers to find the pages for their results.

The search engine optimization process involves a systematic methodology where an initial search engine optimization report is used. The next step involves the customized keyword analysis to define the most suited key phrases for any business. For designing the web pages, a title tag and the Meta Tag optimization is then carried out. This is followed by on page and image optimization process and then the search engine friendly site map is created. A number of search engine optimization plans also include the hand submissions to the top search engines, search engine submission confirmation reports as well as email assistance is part of the plan. Crawlers are used by some of the leading search engines, like the Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! etc.

, to find pages for their algorithmic search results. But for the pages that are linked from other search engines, the indexed pages need not to be submitted. As they are found out automatically, there is no need to go for it. Search engine optimization is a good source of revenue for the companies.

You, however, have to be cautious while opting for these optimization services as there is no guarantee of a continued referral. There is no need to put all your eggs in one basket. The lack of certainty, your business can suffer heavy losses as the algorithms change on a regular basis. This might result in lesser traffic on your website and can thus suffer heavy losses. Therefore, too much dependence on search engine traffic can be misleading.

Since links from other websites could be the major sources of traffic for them, it is wise to look for the alternatives. Vertical Search Strategy will keep your visitor's graph always upside as you will target the audience from low density to high density keywords and hence the same way your alexa ranking and Google PR will be. The basic point in this marketing strategy is that start from the low traffic keywords and rise till high traffic keywords. Capture your niche market first and then try to go for high volume keywords. Author is operating a website related to Web Design & SEO.

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