What do you do when it just aint working

What do you do when this just aren't going as you had hoped? A classic problem that every business will face. You slave away hours and hours of blood, sweat and tears put into your marketing campaign. The big day comes? and a good old WHACK upside the head! It just isn't doing what it supposed to do.

I ran into this recently with a client of mine. A very unique product that helps you lose weight while you sleep, not with magic pills or fad diets or slaughterhouse exercise routines?but with something much more subtle and long lasting. Right from the start, I knew the challenges were: 1) Major competition. Some of the biggest players out there sell into this billion dollar marketplace. They have budgets up the yazoo. They have entire departments focused in on each advertising campaign.

2) Skepticism. For good reason. With all the diet books, plans, foods, fads and pills out there, everyone has the magic cure?or so they say. People who are concerned with their weight have probably tried some of these plans, a select group has tried most of them.

Chances are with dismal results. 3) Believability of the ability to lose weight while you sleep. It is the perfect diet plan right? But it sounds too good to be true.

With that in mind we went about some smaller tests with the campaign I wrote. It did ok, nothing stellar, but a 3% order rate is not too bad?could be better though. So we try some new approaches, and this goes up a little.

And we test more new ideas?and it goes up again. We are still trying new ideas to help people see that this IS the real deal and does work. It worked for me and it has worked for many others.

The key though for you to take away? ?never give up trying to improve results! We changed and tested: 1) Believability, by using more industry statistics, proof that it delivers, more testimonial. 2) Order options. We even tested pricing, payment options and bonuses. 3) We also tried the use of video and audio to improve the personal feel to it Each one of these played into the believability. And will for you too.

Always remember though?there are 3 factors you need to consider in your marketing success. 1) The message: Which is the copy and the way you describe what is being offered (responsible for approximately 25% of the success of your campaign) 2) The media: How you get the message out to your market. Emails, print letters, postcards, teleseminars, print advertisements, banner ads, or a combination of them all. (responsible for approximately 25% of the success of your campaign) 3) The market: The group of people you know are your best buyers. Being that this is responsible for 50% of the success, it is THE most important factor to consider (although you must also pay very close attention to the other 2). You must know who they are, where they live, what they love, what they fear, what they read and every little nuance that makes them who they are.

This BY FAR is the most neglected of the 3. When you have all 3 in perfect order your success is much more likely. Miss one of them and you could have a failure on your hands. Test multiple approaches, know the 3 success factors inside and out and find the optimal combination that gets the right message out, using the correct media, to the right market. Then you have a winner.

To your success!.

Troy White, The Marketing Results Mentor and Expert Copywriter helps clients achieve HUGE growth surges in their business in very short periods of time. He is a very sought after marketer and advertising specialist who has helped launch some of the world's most profitable marketing systems. For more info visit White's site at or sign up for his Free Cash Flow Surge Newsletter at


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