Why Good Copy Writing Is So Important In PPC Ads

The really fascinating thing about PPC (pay-per-click) ads is the fact that these ads have miraculously changed the rules from favoring the advertiser with the deepest pockets to clearly favoring the most creative advertiser able to create the best headlines and the best copy. It has been proved time and again that the most successful PPC advertisers started small and by repeatedly re-investing their profits grew to the huge size and huge sales position they now enjoy. This is in sharp contrast to the offline model where the biggest budget tends to prevail. The other big difference between PPC ads and conventional offline ads is the fact that image ads are common with the latter. Usually image ads put little pressure on the creative ability of the copywriter because the results are hardly ever measured with the exactness non-image enhancing PPC ads are measured with. Actually PPC ads are designed to focus on doing only one thing, and that is driving as much targeted traffic as possible to a site so as to yield the highest possible level of sales.

To do this, the headline needs to not only flag the targeted, required audience, but it also needs to be so attractive that most of those who are targeted who end up being exposed to it will have little option but to click through to the site. This calls for very skilled copy writing and perpetual testing designed to improve the click through rate and the resultant sales from the PPC ad. Clearly the most important part of the PPC ad is the headline. The copywriter will have very few words at their disposal to flag the targeted market and to also give them a good idea of what the site is all about.

Sensational headlines for the sake of it do not work with PPC ads because even if one achieves high traffic, very few hits will be turned into sales thus resulting in a loss for the advertiser because the ad is being paid for based on the click through rate. Do you want to get more attention and build permanent one way links to your website? Try the Directory Submission Services at With over hundreds non-reciprocal quality directories your are guaranteed to receive life long traffic. By submitting links to hundreds of top web directories, it will reach both consumers and businesses, improve your search engine ranking positions and help your website to build valuable Google Page Ranking.

A very important aspect of effective internet promotion is to add to the quantity of your web sites backlinks in a way that indicates a nice steady increase in the number of links pointing to your web site. This is a factor that most of the major and important search engines look for in order to help determine a valuable web site. Gradually increasing your web links over time is a great way to build your positions in the search engines. In order for this form of internet marketing to work for you it is important to find a professional trust worthy company that has years of experience with online marketing and that will provide you with high quality service.

Terry Detty, 42 years old, finds internet marketing his passion. In addition to marketing he enjoys reading, and occasionally goes out for a short walk. Take online marketing to higher levels with Majon's emailing marketing and SEO internet promotion tools.


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