Why Joint Venture Partners Dont Promote Your Product

You spend months creating a product, designing a website, and having copy written and tested. You spend countless hours schmoozing joint venture partners. Then your launch day comes, you "push the button" and. The silence from lack of orders is deafening. What went wrong? Where are all those customers that you knew your 300 joint venture partners would send you? Chances are, 95% of those joint ventures partners didn't promote, or didn't promote to the extent that you anticipated. Let's look briefly at why the sad sequence of events described above happens all too often.

Here are four common reasons: 1) Your JV Partners Promised To Promote Too Many Products If you are approaching all of the biggest players in your niche, and if there are a lot of product launches happening in your niche, your JV partners may have simply over-promised. It's not uncommon for may super-affiliates to be approached with joint venture offers dozens of times per week. Some are so bombarded with repeated request from the same people that they often find it easier to give a "tentative yes.

" The problem is that if it's your launch, you may not know that it's a tentative yes. The way to avoid this problem is to ask for a definite commitment. Just be frank and ask your joint venture partners "if you can depend upon them?" Another way to avoid this problem is to seek joint venture partners that aren't bombarded with constant joint venture requests. There are many times more less-visible potential joint venture partners who have very responsive lists, than there are overwhelmed "super affiliates.

" A good place to have some of these potential joint venture partners actually FIND YOU is The International Association of Joint Venture Brokers. Just get your projects and launches into their database, and JV partners in your niche will find you! 2) Your Sign-up Process Is Too Convoluted It's unbelievable how complex many people make the process of just registering as a joint venture partner and getting an affiliate link. Don't make your potential joint venture partners register at three different places JUST so that they can help you with your launch. If you do.

they'll say yes initially, but drop out when they see how many hurdles they have to jump. 3) You Don't Provide The Right Tools Most successful affiliate marketers have favorite tools that they prefer using. For some it's videos, for others it's rebrandable ebooks, for others it's articles that they can change the urls in, and for others it's pay-per-clicks. You absolutely must provide the tools that your affiliates prefer using. Don't expect them to change how they market to conform to your launch plans. They usually know from experience what works best with their customers.

You also need to provide some tools that allow a "soft sell" rather than high pressure tactics. Some affiliates will not use high pressure tactics on their subscribers. For affiliates like that, tools such as rebrandable ebooks (that actually teach something) which sell your product as a solution to problems mentioned in the ebook, work MUCH better.

Use rebrander software such as Viral Document Toolkit to allow your affiliate to rebrand links, and even text in these ebooks. 4) Your Timing Is Incredibly Poor If you are in a niche where there are hundreds of new product launches each month, such as Internet marketing, then your timing is critical! If your launch coincides with another MAJOR big ticket launch, your launch may simply be drowned out by all of the "noise" made by those promoting the other product. Your list members may be bombarded by some much email for the other product that they don't even SEE yours. To avoid this, you need to consult launch calendars, such as the one available through The International Association of Joint Venture Brokers. Savvy product owners make sure that THEIR product launches, events, and even free giveaways are in this database.

Those planning product launches who don't want BIG disappointments consult this database to see what else is planned for the days, or weeks that they plan to do their launch. Consulting a database such as one provided by IAJVB also uncovers another opportunity. When you see other launches in your niche, you are also looking at events where you can piggy-back or dove-tail your launches. Instead of competing head-to-head with product launches in your niche, why not contact some of the other product owners and propose working together. Use their product as a backend to your product and ask them to do the same.

Maybe ask them to offer your product to their exit traffic that doesn't convert. There are dozens of ways that you can work WITH others in your niche when you know what they have planned, and you'll get much better results. Another major thing that you'll accomplish is that you'll get more affiliate who actually promote your product. That's because you won't be forcing affiliates to choose between competing launches. instead you can coordinate for them to promote both launches.

sometimes even with one email :-) You put far too much blood, sweat, and tears into your product launch to allow it to hit a brick wall. Go back and read the common reason that joint venture partners DON'T promote launches. even after they've indicated that they will. Eliminate as many of those reasons from your product launch sequence as possible. Doing a successful product launch with dozens, or even hundreds, of joint venture partners is not rocket science. However, like any "science" it does involve careful observation of what is actually happening, and responding appropriately.

Now you know how to respond to the reasons joint venture partners often don't promote.

Willie Crawford is founder of The Internet Marketing Inner Circle, and Executive Directory of The International Association of Joint Venture Brokers. An accomplished joint venture broker, and affiliate marketer for over a decade, Willie shares his experience at:


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